June, 2006

Admin note: proofreading

We strive for excellence in everything we do here. lately however, some have noticed typographical errors as well as simply weird word placement in our postings. The reason: the Bloggcast Center has begun using voice recognition software. Frankly, it’s pretty cool software. It’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8.0. It’s become necessary because typing with any speed has become the next to impossible …Continue reading →


Research Note:VA Adds Maps to Online Gravesite Locator

VA-marked graves in private cemeteries also added to database The grave locations of more than three million veterans and dependents buried in national cemeteries can be found more easily now because the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has added maps of burial sections online that can be printed from home computers and at national cemetery kiosks. The latest improvement builds …Continue reading →


Quentin V. H. Manson, 1913 – 1987

Quentin Vennis Harold Manson was born on June 20, 1913 in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas. He was the eighth and final child of Otis Manson and Betty Sanford of Rockdale. He appears on the 1930 census with his parents. At some point after that however, he headed for the Gulf Coast. In Rockport, Aransas County, he met and married Jesse …Continue reading →


Finding Ezekiel Johnson

Missouri State Archives aids in hunt . . . . Ezekiel Johnson was my great-great-grandfather. I’ve mentioned him probably three times in this blog before. And New Year’s I set as one of my goals finding Ezekiel Johnson’s parents. And now with help from our friends at the Missouri State archives, it appears I may have achieve that goal. Here’s …Continue reading →


Monroe Bryant

A Brief Update Last week, I wrote about getting Sam Bryant’s obituary from the Corpus Christi Public Libraries. I mentioned briefly Uncle Sam’s surviving brother, Monroe. Citing family lore, I noted that Monroe “had wanderlust.” In fact, I’d been told that Monroe was “a drunk.” About the time I wrote about Sam’s obit, I had just learned that Monroe may …Continue reading →



Here’s the obituary of Sam Bryant as published on July 4, 1951, in the Corpus Christi Caller. Before I read the obituary, here’s what I knew about Sam Bryant: he was the son of Guy and Maria Bryant (see 1900 census, Aransas county, Texas). His siblings were named Mandy, Hattie [my great-grandmother], Aldelia, Thomas, Ada, Pearl, Monroe, and a half-brother, …Continue reading →


Kudos to Corpus Christi Public Libraries!

This past weekend, I mentioned the obituary archives maintained by the Corpus Christi Public Libraries. I noted that the Libraries’ Local History Department will respond to e-mail requests for scanned copiees of archived obituaries from the Corpus Christi newspapers. So I tried the service, e-mailing a request for two obituaries (one from 1951, and one from 1989). And three days …Continue reading →


It Was the Third of June . . .

. . . another sleepy, dusty Delta day. . . Bobbie Gentry [nee Roberta Lee Streeter] wrote those words forty years ago about the Mississippi Delta. She was born in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, and went to school in Greenwood, LeFlore County, before moving to California at age 13. The Delta is home to many people named Manson, Bowie, Birdsong, and …Continue reading →

June 2006
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