September, 2006

GeneaBlogie’s Muse

Much love and birthday wishes today to Delorise Annrie Gines of Kansas City, Missouri. She’s the youngest child of William Edward Gines (1898-1955) and Annie Florida Corrine Long (1902-1986). And she’s my mother’s sister. It was Aunt “Dee” who got me started on genealogy in a serious way. In 2003, for Christmas, she published the “2004 Gines Family Calendar.” She …Continue reading →


Bits O’ September

A slow September around here… and speaking of slow, both California and Texas have been uncharacteristically slow in responding to my latest request for birth certificates and death certificates. Hopefully something will arrive this weekend and we can get back to some analysis. I tried’s newest database of newspaper birth, marriage, and death announcements from selected major newspapers. These …Continue reading →


Melvin Leslie John Miller, 1916-2006

Melvin Leslie John Miller, 90, of Los Angeles will be buried today in that city. He died Monday, September 18, 2006. He was born in Tyler, Smith County, Texas in 1916, the seventh child of Mose and Anna Miller. His siblings were Joe, Rube, Annie, Noble, Wilbert, and Gladys. As a small child he was raised by his aunt and …Continue reading →


The "Real" Cinderella

Winning the lottery… finding a long-lost love… discovering that you are a real princess: all fairy tales, right? Well, as the song says, “fairy tales can come true; it can happen to you…” Maybe not you, but for Sarah Culberson, it happened. Read the story here.


Who Would You Choose?

The September 17, 2006, issue of Parade Magazine asks in its lead article, “If you had a one day to spend with someone who’s gone… who would it be? What would you do?” The article by New York Times best-selling author Mitch Albom, is written from the frame of reference of having one more day to spend with a deceased, …Continue reading →


A House in Rockport

In the 1920’s, Hattie Bryant and several of her children lived here. Jessie Bowie and her brother Elias Bowie, as well Herman Walker and Evaline lived here. It was in the Bryan family for a very long time. No running water, no indoor toilet; and until relatively recently, no street adress. Ahhh, the 20th century!


The Sisters Long of Kansas City

Of the 14 children of the Rev. James William Long (1866-1945) and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Liza Jane Johnson Long (1870-1946), only four were girls. the eldest girl, Christina Alta Long, born in 1898, was the seventh child overall. Her sisters were Rosetta Bell Long, born 1900; Annie Florida Corrine Long, born 1902; and Mary Beatrice Long, born in 1905. …Continue reading →


Matilda and George Revisited

One of the first issues we dealt with in our research was why Matilda Manson uprooted her son from Hootenville, Upson County, Georgia, in 1884, and moved to Rockdale, Milam County, Texas. You recall that the evidence is pretty strong that she left Georgia because George Preston Birdsong, the apparent father of her son Otis, moved to Texas with his …Continue reading →


Google Adds Newspaper Archives

Spotted this piece from Reuters when I logged on this morning: SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google News is getting a sense of the past to balance out its relentless focus on the present. Google Inc. has added the ability to search through more than 200 years of historical newspaper archives alongside the latest contemporary information now available on Google News, …Continue reading →


The Lost Families — Part Two

The Gilberts I was told quite some time ago, long before I had started on family history as a serious endeavor, that my mother’s great-grandmother was an Indian. When I started a serious quest for a family history a few years ago, I was given to understand that the great-grandmother who “was an Indian” most likely was a woman named …Continue reading →

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