December, 2006

2007 Genealogy Goals and Plans

Happy New Year! Loyal and Constant Readers (both of you) recall that last year I said I don’t really make “resolutions” for a New Year, but I will set goals and plans. So here are the 2007 goals and plans: 1. Plan a Spring Research Trip. Last year, you recall, we went to the Family History Library in Salt Lake …Continue reading →


Preparing for New Year’s; Carnival Coming

Much to be done as we get ready for the calendar to change! The Bloggcast Center has been renovated with all new equipment that Santa brought and we’ve been setting it up and configuring it. There are blog posts in the pipeline, including The Genealogy of Language. Most importantly, the Carnival of Genealogy, hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene is …Continue reading →


Missouri’s Christmas Present to Genealogists

I’ve just noticed that the Missouri Secretary of State’s Death Certificate project has now put online images of certificates from 1950-1955! The remaining gap in the images is now just 1930-1949. This exciting development is due to the diligent work of the Secretary of State’s staff, the Friends of the Missouri State Archives, and hundreds of other volunteers. Congratulations and …Continue reading →


My Favorite Christmas

Here it is December 22 already and I’m just realizing that we haven’t spent any time talking about Christmas! Well, there are the usual excuses. We finished the fall semester at Pacific McGeorge School of Law and I’ve just concluded grading forty administrative law exams (three questions X forty students=grading marathon). The first wave of visitors arrived yesterday in the …Continue reading →


Research Note: Historical Sources for "The French Negroes" Series

A partial bibliography–all are available “full view” at Google Books R. I. Brigham, Negro Education in Ante Bellum Missouri, The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Oct., 1945), pp. 405-420 Benjamin Franklin French, Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida, Including Translations of Original Manuscripts (1869) Louis Houck, A History of Missouri from the Earliest Explorations and Settlements Until …Continue reading →


The "French Negroes" of Illinois–Epilogue

In several recent posts, we have explored a bit of the history of the French Negroes of Illinois. Well educated and devoutly Catholic, these families thrived in several Southern Illinois communities for a number of years. But as the 20th century began, the young people in these communities had few prospects even with their relatively strong educations. The French Negro …Continue reading →


The "French Negroes" of Illinois–Origins and Endings in Prairie du Rocher

In an earlier post on this topic, we asserted that the French Negroes in America had come from heat he during the time of the French Revolution. That was true around the USA, but the French Negroes in southern Illinois had arrived much earlier. In 1719, Philip Fran├žois Renault had been appointed director of mines in the French colonies. In …Continue reading →


Continuing . . .The French Negroes of Illinois

A few weeks ago, we began the story of the “French Negroes of Illinois.” We interrupted that story because we received from “an important and credible source” further information pertaining to the topic. I can tell you now that our source was the religious order the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, in the person of their communications director, Mr. …Continue reading →


A Few Interesting Resources

There are a number of educational gems hidden all around the Internet. Here are several that I like:The Handbook of Texas Online is a joint venture of the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at the University of Texas. It is described as “a multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture.” The Handbook contains articles on all …Continue reading →


Paulo Apostolo Mart

This has been out for a few days, but somehow escaped my attention until now. St Paul’s tomb unearthed in Rome Archaeologists working for the Vatican have unearthed a sarcophagus containing what they believe are the remains of St Paul the Apostle. The tomb dates back to at least AD390 and was found in a crypt under a basilica in …Continue reading →

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