February, 2007

The House in Rockport Again

Earlier today I said I wouldn’t play in this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, because I hadn’t had enough time to come up with something given all the effort we put into the African-American Military History series just concluded. Well, I changed my mind, in part due to Jasia‘s enthusiasm and determination not to miss out on the Carnival. …Continue reading →


March is Women’s History Month . . . .

. . . .so we are reminded by the National Women’s History Project. While I don’t have current plans for a theme series like we did for Black History Month, there will be some women’s history posts here and there through the coming month. Speaking of which, as we ended Black History Month with a profile of Brig. Gen. Mary …Continue reading →


Your Grannie’s Accent

Did your grandmother sound like “Grannie” from “The Beverly Hillbillies“? Or did your Grandpa talk like Walter Brennan in “The Real McCoys”? No? Well, consider this from Language Log, one of my favorite non-genealogy blogs: When’s the Last Time You Heard an Old Person Say “Dadburn It”? An old Bugs Bunny cartoon of 1944, THE OLD GREY HARE, depicts Bugs …Continue reading →


This and That, Again

Thanks to all who e-mailed or commented on our African-American Military History series. It was fun to research and enjoyable to write. Unfortunately, it took up so much time and energy that I didn’t get much else done. So I won’t be in the upcoming Carnival of Genealogy. But I encourage you all to check it out. Our host again …Continue reading →


African-American Military History: Making History Every Day–Brig. Gen M.J. Kight

California’s Own “First” Someone told me awhile ago that “History is made by ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day.” I don’t know that the person I heard t from was the originator of this thought, but it struck me as true. I thought about that as I pondered this chapter in our African-American Military History series. The late Major …Continue reading →


African-American Military History: America’s First Black General: Benjamin O. Davis

Left: Brig. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., U.S. Army (U.S. Army photo) Right: Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., U.S. Air Force (U.S. Air Force photo) There were two great American military men who bore the name Benjamin O. Davis. They were father and son. The younger Davis is well-recalled as “the leader of the Tuskegee Airmen.” That story, briefly, is …Continue reading →


African-American Military History: Colonel Charles Young

Charles Young as a captain(Courtesy National Park Service) [FINAL UPDATE 5:01 PM PST 24 FEB]Recently, while checking my blog’s statistics, I noticed that someone had searched on Google for “first black lt col in 1916.” This piqued my interest, because I thought 1916 was a bit early for a black man to be promoted to lieutenant colonel. Well, I learned …Continue reading →


The 62nd & 65th Regiments, United States Colored Infantry–They Had a Dream

Abraham Lincoln took two provocative steps in 1863: first, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves in parts of the Confederacy not yet under Federal control; then, he decided to actively recruit blacks into the Union Army. The War Department formed the Bureau of Colored Troops and mustered into Federal service individual black men as well as black units …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Military History

“All history is personal,” I’ve told my students for a long time. My personal history is inextricably tied to the events in the military history of the United States. Had not been for the legacy of the soldiers of the 62nd and 65th Regiments, United States Colored Infantry, I would not be here at all (story coming). Much later, the …Continue reading →


Stuff I’m Reading These Days. . . .

Miriam Midkiff’s Ancestories, Ancestories1 and Ancestories2. This complex of sites consists of Miriam’s stories of her (and her husband’s and sister-in-law’s) ancestors, her research blog, and her life story for her descendants. She writes well and generously. And in Ancestories2, her story for her descendants, she includes “prompts” to help her readers create their own stories. Miriam writes from eastern …Continue reading →

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