February 28th, 2007

The House in Rockport Again

Earlier today I said I wouldn’t play in this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, because I hadn’t had enough time to come up with something given all the effort we put into the African-American Military History series just concluded. Well, I changed my mind, in part due to Jasia‘s enthusiasm and determination not to miss out on the Carnival. …Continue reading →

March is Women’s History Month . . . .

. . . .so we are reminded by the National Women’s History Project. While I don’t have current plans for a theme series like we did for Black History Month, there will be some women’s history posts here and there through the coming month. Speaking of which, as we ended Black History Month with a profile of Brig. Gen. Mary …Continue reading →

Your Grannie’s Accent

Did your grandmother sound like “Grannie” from “The Beverly Hillbillies“? Or did your Grandpa talk like Walter Brennan in “The Real McCoys”? No? Well, consider this from Language Log, one of my favorite non-genealogy blogs: When’s the Last Time You Heard an Old Person Say “Dadburn It”? An old Bugs Bunny cartoon of 1944, THE OLD GREY HARE, depicts Bugs …Continue reading →

This and That, Again

Thanks to all who e-mailed or commented on our African-American Military History series. It was fun to research and enjoyable to write. Unfortunately, it took up so much time and energy that I didn’t get much else done. So I won’t be in the upcoming Carnival of Genealogy. But I encourage you all to check it out. Our host again …Continue reading →

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