March, 2007

Sarah Gilbert Johnson: A Trip to Kansas, A Step Forward

One of the most elusive of all my ancestors is Sarah Gilbert Johnson. Here’s what I know about her: according to the marriage records of Clay County, Missouri, she married Ezekiel Johnson in September 1867. She appears only in the 1880 census of Jackson County [Kansas City], Missouri. There her age is given as 31 years old. Her birthplace is …Continue reading →


Something Cool

Check out the quilt of genea-bloggers woven by The footnoteMaven at


Missouri Death Certificate Project Marches Forward

Images for the year 1932 are now online!


Research Resource: Immigrant Servants Database

This site is part of the marketing program of a Salt Lake City-based genealogical research firm called Price & Associates. The purpose of the database is to help Americans trace the European origins of their colonial-era ancestors. A significant number of colonists came to America as indentured or bonded servants. For example, we know (from other sources) that a number …Continue reading →


Research Resource: Mardos Memorial Library

Back in November and December, we did a series on “The French Negroes of Illinois.” It was a rather lengthy series compared to what we usually do here and it required more than usual research support. We found some of that research support at a unique site called Mardos Memorial Library of On-Line Books and Maps. This site was created …Continue reading →


Another Cousin Found!

A few weeks ago, I met a cousin from the Brayboy branch of the family at a genealogical conference in Sacramento. That was a very fulfilling meeting on a number of levels and I’m still processing some of the information she gave me. One thing, among many, about that chance meeting, was that it was the first time ever that …Continue reading →


The Week Ahead

Somehow last week and the weekend got away from me. But coming this week, reviews of several interesting sites, and we go to Kansas to make progress in the search for Sarah Gilbert. While we’re in Kansas, we stumble across some strange facts concerning another ancestor. So, stay tuned–it’ll be a good week!


The Sisters Speak

One indulgent pleasure of being a genea-journalist is occasionally hearing from one’s readers that they enjoyed a particular piece. It’s even better when the subjects of one’s writing respond positively. (This is indeed a rare treat for genea-writers, since most of the folks we write about are . . . , well, you know . . .gone). Anyway, after Three …Continue reading →


FamilySearch Indexing

When I attended the family history seminar here the weekend before last, I heard several people talking about having signed up to do indexing for As has been widely reported, is being expanded to include a treasure trove of genealogical information to be available free of charge. This requires a huge effort to index all the sources. I …Continue reading →

OFF and The FHCs–Ancestry’s Side

The Generations Network CEO Tim Sullivan says that the company began discussing a licensing agreement with the LDS Church several months ago. This would be similar to the agreements with public libraries through which patrons have free access to Apparently, the parties were unable to reach a mutual agreement. Sullivan says that Ancestry remains interested in such an agreement. …Continue reading →

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