March, 2007

New Tech Stuff

Well, I had fallen behind in my reading during February, so if you’ve heard this stuff, oh, well . . . . A new FamilySearch has been released for beta 2 testing. Renee Zamora is one of the lucky 3,000 evaluating it. She’s blogging about it and it sounds interesting. I learned this at Katie’s Begat Chat. Katie (who’s now …Continue reading →

Lee is Back!

Check out her new space, The Amateurologist.


My brother-in-law, David Joseph Penny, will be laid to rest on Monday, March 12, 2007, at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St Louis, Missouri. This week started off difficult for the family, but now peace has settled in and things are right. Thanks to all who e-mailed or left comments with their condolences. It was greatly appreciated.


My brother-in-law died unexpectedly on Sunday. So there have been things to do, to take care of. And then there’s the temporary loss of motivation to do much . . . . It’ll be OK, I know.

In Memoriam: David Joseph Penny

DAVID JOSEPH PENNY died of natural causes at the Belleville (Ill.) Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic on March 4, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Willie, and his sons, David Joseph Penny, Jr., 34, of St Louis, and Christopher, 30, of Pasadena, California. He was previously married to Jacqueline Watson, the mother of his sons, until her death in 1997. …Continue reading →

I’m Hating Blogger Right Now

On Wednesday evening, I went to submit my post on the Carnival of Genealogy site, but the site kept rejecting it, saying “URL not found” in the box where my permalink should have appeared. Also that evening, I attempted to e-mail the post to someone and the recipient got a page that said, “The operation cannot be completed.” I went …Continue reading →

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