April, 2007


Preparing for A Research Trip

I’ve mentioned that the Summer 2007 Research Trip might be to Northwest Missouri. At the moment, the matter of such a trip is on hold for a variety of reasons; however, I thought it would be a useful exercise. My maternal Gines ancestors moved to Kansas City from Shreveport about a hundred years ago. Some might be found in Kansas. …Continue reading →


Illinois State Archives Databases

I’ve been reminded that I really like the Illinois State Archives Databases on that state’s Secretary of State website. There are a few things that could be better, but overall, this is a useful resource. There are the state’s vital records databases, of course. Unfortunately, unlike neighboring Missouri, the Illinois death index (1916-1950) has no retrievable images. On the other …Continue reading →


Some Resources

Nevada marriage and divorce records are now available on Ancestry.com. These resources can be useful to those researching in just about any state. That’s because when many states had restrictive laws about marriage and divorce (especially divorce), Nevada traditionally has had rather liberal laws on these matters. Thus, those who could afford to do so would sometimes head for Las …Continue reading →


School Days in Milam County, Texas

School days, school days,Dear old golden rule days.‘Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic,Taught to the tune of a hick’ry stick. I wish I had some stories of my ancestors in school. Unfortunately, I have no stories, except the now-debunked story that my grandfather was teased (today, we would say harassed) in school in Georgia because he was the only “Spanish” boy …Continue reading →


Casting Call!

Last year, PBS aired the critically acclaimed series African-American Lives which traced the genealogy of a number of famous blacks, including Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, Chris Tucker, T.D. Jakes, astronaut Mae Jemison, and host Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates. The show was successful, in my view, in part because the techniques demonstrated applied across the board, and not just to …Continue reading →


Kansas: Rise Above the Noise and Confusion . . .

Back in cyber-Kansas today, I run into a couple of intriguing issues. To understand them, we need to go back a little bit. Harriet Mitchell Sometime ago, we were looking for the parents of Ezekiel Johnson. And we found a death certificate which listed his parents as Dan Carpenter and Harriet Mitchell. We subsequently discovered that Dan Carpenter was a …Continue reading →


Globalizing the GeneaBlogosphere, Part 2

Christina’s blog, Shaking the Tree, documents her experience with her German heritage. She keeps track of new offerings on Ancestry.de, among other things. Reading her blog could help those with German ancestry in their research. I’ve not got any German ancestors that I know of, but I have occasionally done a bit of German research for others. I do have …Continue reading →


Globalizing the GeneaBlogosphere

Heute abend kam ich über ein genealogisches Blog, das ich nicht vorher gesehen hatte. Es wird von Christina geschrieben, die sagt, daß sie expatriiert in Deutschland ein amerikanisches ist. Ihr Blog ist hauptsächlich auf englisch, mit etwas Deutschem hin und wieder. Ich wohnte in Deutschland von Alter vier Jahres zu Alter sieben Jahres und studierte Deutsches vom Kindergarten durch High …Continue reading →


Carnival Carousel: Art, Science, and Serendipity

This comes from the GeneaBlogie archives. It’s an edited version of three posts that ran over the Fourth of July Weekend, 2005. It’s a bit lengthy, but I’ve put it on the Carousel because I wanted to share one of my favorite stories. [My parents are recovering from jet lag on their Independence Weekend trip to visit me in Tysons …Continue reading →

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