Dear Professional Genealogist . . .

I sought to engage you because your website indicated that you had the expertise to handle a problem that is of utmost interest to me and my family, but may be too complex for me to work through in any reasonable manner. Your website caught my attention because (1) you live in the state where the research must be done; (2) you indicated that you specialize in the precise matters that underlie the problem presented; (3) you state that you were part of a recent highly rated television program on genealogy; (4) the description of your services and rates seemed to be reasonable. Additionally, I have seen your name around on other well-regarded websites and on certain “professional genealogist” mailing lists.

So I wrote to you at the address given on your website, describing my problem and asking for a quote for your services with respect to this issue. That was seven weeks ago. I’ve not heard from you.

I then e-mailed you using the form on your website. That was more than a week ago. Still, no response.

What’s up?

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3 Responses to “Dear Professional Genealogist . . .”

  • Tim Agazio says:

    What kind of “professional genealogist” is this? This person must be so successful that ignoring potential customers is no big problem…at the very least this “professional” should have had the common courtesy to acknowledge your email…

  • Randy Seaver says:

    Sounds like they were thinking you were Megan Smolenyak.

    My guess is that this is some sort of scam to rip off genealogists – kind of a high-brow Nigerian bank scheme.

  • Paul E says:

    Unless it was Harry McFry? He wouldn’t normally turn down a case, but he’s got his hands full just at the moment!

    Kind Regards

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