April, 2007

The Surname Gines

Gines is a name with Welsh, English, German, and Spanish origins, depending on the particular family. The name developed in different ways, at different times, in different parts of the world. It is related linguistically to many other names. For example, the Welsh-English variant may be derived from the English Johns. Some scholars believe that the Welsh names Joynes and …Continue reading →


National Tartan Week

It’s been a busy week, with Easter and such, but I did not forget that Friday was National Tartan Day. It just didn’t seem appropriate for this Catholic to mention that on Good Friday. But today, seeing as some places like New York City are making a whole week of it, we can at least spend some time on our …Continue reading →


Abelard Guthrie

Abelard Guthrie was a Kansas “Free-stater” and key founder of the historic town of Quindaro. He was the first Congressional Delegate from Nebraska Territory after passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. The following is a biographical and genealogical sketch of Guthrie from The Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory and The Journals of William Walker, First Provisional Governor of Nebraska …Continue reading →


Dear Professional Genealogist . . .

I sought to engage you because your website indicated that you had the expertise to handle a problem that is of utmost interest to me and my family, but may be too complex for me to work through in any reasonable manner. Your website caught my attention because (1) you live in the state where the research must be done; …Continue reading →


Quindaro, Kansas

A few days ago we reviewed our Fifth Grade history about the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and its de facto repeal with the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. These two pieces of legislation effectively turned Kansas into the first battlefield of the Civil War long before the secession of the Southern states. People on both sides of the …Continue reading →


Cousins, Cousins, Cousins!

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been meeting cousins and probable cousins left and right! This morning I got an e-mail from a probable Gines cousin in Biloxi, Mississippi. Hope to hear back from him–I don’t know anything, but seriously want to know–about the Gines family in Mississippi.


Kansas–Who Knew?!

Kansas is thought of as that big flat place of sunflowers between Colorado and Missouri–a long, boring drive on I-70 from Denver to Kansas City, Missouri. And of course, the location of Dodge City, a lawless Western town tamed by fictional Marshal Matt Dillion on radio and television’s Gunsmoke. Most folks know or surmise that Kansas is the geographic center …Continue reading →


Carnival: The First Black NASCAR Driver

I was thinking of sitting out this Carnival because I couldn’t come up with anything appropriately funny or foolish about my family. That’s not say there isn’t any funny or foolish about my family . . . just nothing I thought would be interesting or publishable. But Jasia’s story about her mother learning to drive reminded me of a couple …Continue reading →

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