May, 2007

Casting Call: Follow-up

About six weeks ago, we wrote here about the next iteration of the PBS series African-American Lives. Applications for one “regular person,” i.e., non-celebrity, were taken until May 4. The selection process is now underway or over. E-mails have gone out to the non-selectees. The e-mail (which I have seen) says that there were about 2000 applicants. The new series …Continue reading →


Creative GeneaBlogie

I don’t know much about the creative talents in my family. I don’t doubt that there was and is a lot of creativity in the family. But I suspect that folks just didn’t let the lamp out from the bushel basket until recent generations. Here are a few: The Dancer: Annie Florida Corrine LongAll she ever wanted to be was …Continue reading →


Memorial Day 2007

National World War II Memorial, dedicated May 2004(Photo by Rick Latoff – American Battle Monuments Commission)


A One-Item Wish List

After the numerous announcements last week (all of which I appreciate and think will be great), I thought about the one item I’d love to see digitized. It would be the collection of SS-5’s (Application for Social Security Card). [Okay, that’s why it’s called a wish list!] What’s on your one-item-make-my-research-easier-but I-know-it-won’t-happen anytime-soon wish list?


Bank Uses Genealogy to "Shake Money from Family Trees"

These days, you can find genealogy articles just about anywhere. A friend sent me a recent article from the Wall Street Journal which describes how Wells Fargo & Co. uses genealogy to court wealthy potential clients for its “private banking” business. Private banking is wealth management services for clients with at least $1 million in balances at Wells Fargo. The …Continue reading →


You Say Regetha, I Say Rozetta

Over the last few days, I’ve been examining the family of my great-grandfather James William Long (1866-1945). When I first described his parents and siblings from the 1870 census of Shawnee, Kansas, I identified his then-two year old sister as “Regetha.” I was reading the names from an image provided by a certain large Utah-based company. I then accessed the …Continue reading →


Evidence, Hypotheses, Analyses

This week we resolved the question of whether I’d been researching “wrong Longs” as the parents of my great-grandfather, James William Long. I said that in an upcoming post we’d show how we did that. Out here in the hinterlands, the NGS NewsMagazine arrived a couple of days ago. As usual, it’s got a number of excellent articles. One that …Continue reading →


The Right Longs

A few days ago, I wondered if I’d been pursuing the wrong set of parents and siblings for my great-grandfather, James William Long. The catalyst for this musing was information on my great-grandfather’s death certificate which I had just received. Now I have concluded that I was following the “wrong Longs.” In a upcoming post, I describe how I reached …Continue reading →


Blogger’s AutoSave Feature

I’m from Missouri–they’ll have to show me.


Carnival of Genealogy

The 24th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is now posted. The Carnival has been a lot of fun, to showcase particular bloggers, to meet new friends, to read very interesting stories. The topic this time was Mothers! I didn’t officially participate because I didn’t think my posts met the standards that my fellow genea-bloggers continue to set in the …Continue reading →

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