June, 2007

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One thing that happened during my summer school adventure was that Bill West of West In New England tagged me (along with four others) with The Thinking Blogger Award. I appreciate very much the peer recognition that’s the inherent basis of this meme. Now I’m to tag five other bloggers in similar fashion. Because of summer school, I got to …Continue reading →


School’s Out!

The intensive forced march that we call summer school is over! Now back to genea-blogging!Here’s where we’re going: 1. We’ve got some pieces backed up from before summer school started. We’ll move them out as soon as possible, but some may yield to more timely things that have arisen during the last two weeks. 2. Several events have occurred that …Continue reading →


Insomnia + Ancestor = Great New Idea?

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about how to combine my expertise in law with my passion for genealogy and history. Until early this morning, I hadn’t hit the right formula. But I awoke for some reason at 3:00 am and tried hard to get back to sleep. When nothing seemed to work, I just let my mind wander. I …Continue reading →


He Certainly Deserves An Eternal Reward

Chris over at The Genealogue frequently spots and highlights unusual names. Recently, he had these (1, 2, 3). I don’t know if he’s seen the 1880 census for Clinton County, Iowa. On that census, there’s a nineteen year old grocery clerk, the son of German immigrants. Fredrick and Lisette Lindloff apparently named their son “Through.” That by itself would be …Continue reading →


In Memoriam: Marilyn Ann Thorbjornsen, Lt Col, US Army (Ret)

Our dear friend, Marilyn Thorbjornsen, died unexpectedly last Friday in Madison, Alabama. Her son, Lee, home on leave from the Army, was with her when she went into distress and an ambulance was called. Unfortunately, Marilyn passed away before she could get to a hospital. Marilyn was born on February 13, 1952, in Normal, Illinois. She spent a career in …Continue reading →


Coming Events

As I mentioned the other day, I’m teaching summer school on a very intense schedule that for a few days will dominate my time. So blogging will be a little light for about a week. But coming up are some interesting things. I’ve discovered two downright ne’er-do-wells on a remote branch of the family tree. And in July, something completely …Continue reading →


Carnival is Posted!

The latest edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is here.


Can’t Play at The Carnival This Time :(

Unfortunately, time constraints keep me on the Carnival sidelines this time. I’m teaching a summer school course at Pacific McGeorge Law School. In our summer session, we teach an entire semester in ten days. So it’s very intense–for students and professors! But I look forward to stealing a moment or two to read everybody else’s submissions, which get better and …Continue reading →


Babies Buried in Libya?

The U.S. Air Force is trying to find the relatives of seventy-two U.S. citizens whose bodies were recently disinterred from an Italian cemetery in Libya. The deceased Americans are believed to be family members of U.S. military personnel once stationed at the former Wheelus Air Base outside Tripoli. Seventy of the persons were infants. Wheelus was originally an Italian airfield, …Continue reading →


Research Resource: Uncommon Resources

Randy Seaver has posted about a talk by Ann J. Miller concerning lesser-used research resources. I’ve not heard that talk, but I have had some experience with some of these resources. Here I explain where and how to find some of them. Not all are online and some are not available in microform, either. So finding some of these records …Continue reading →

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