June, 2007

Thanks Again, Missouri

I really believe in giving credit where credit is due. On May 20, 2007, I wrote to the Missouri State Archives to request copies of the original log of death certificates concerning Eliza Jane Long (died 1885) and Pauline Long (died 1886). My requests were received on May 24, 2007. On June 4, 2007, I received a notice from the …Continue reading →


Miriam’s 200th Post

Congrats to Miriam Midkiff on her 200th post! Read her thoughts about the genea-blogging community. Couldn’t have said it better!


Product Review: Find-A-Grave

The geneablogosphere has been buzzing lately with news of exciting partnerships, new databases, and innovative technologies–all of which I’m very enthused about. This morning, however, I was reminded that some of the existing, older research products out there remain highly valuable and worth revisiting from time to time. I had not visited Find-A-Grave in quite awhile, but I ended up …Continue reading →


Cue the Twilight Zone Theme Music!

A little less than twenty-four hours ago, I learned for the first time that my great- great- grandfather was held in slavery in Clay County, Missouri by a man named Henry Wilhite. Tonight as I was going to bed, I grabbed a book off the shelf to read myself to sleep. I wasn’t looking for a particular book, just any …Continue reading →


Today is "Zeke Johnson" Day

A week from this Thursday, which would be June 14, 2007, is the 160th anniversary of the birth of my great-great-grandfather, Ezekiel Johnson. I’ve written about him before (here, here, and here). For awhile, he was one of my very difficult brickwalls. And then one day, a sudden breakthrough gave me some special insight into his origins and at the …Continue reading →


Carnival of Genealogy: Creative Genes

The 25th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene. And the topic, you recall, is the “creative gene” in families. Again, the Carnival is a showcase of talent and interests in the genea-blogosphere. Check it out!


Missouri Death Certificate Project Adds 1933!

Another month passes, Missouri adds another year! Huzzah! See it here.


Walter Scott of Spokane, Washington: The Rest of the Story

Miriam took up where I left off on the brief study of Walter Scott. She’s done a marvelous job. See it here. It was fun to “collaborate” with her on this. It goes to show what can be done when folks combine their efforts.


Seems Like Nothin’ Ever Comes to No Good Up on Choctaw Ridge . . . .

Number of “MacAllisters” found in public records in Mississippi from 1790 to 2007: 16 (maybe 17).Number of MacAllisters in Mississippi named “Billie Joe”: None.


"I Got Some News This Mornin’ from Choctaw Ridge"

Choctaw Ridge in a portion of Mississippi (Panola County) The river just north of Batesville is the Tallahatchie River. The lake northeast of Batesville is Sardis Lake. The red line through Batesville is Interstate 55. The dark east-west line through Batesville is Mississippi Highway 6. The red line west of Batesville is an approximation of Choctaw Ridge. The area west …Continue reading →

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