August, 2007

Blogospheric Science

The controversy over Ancestry’s “Internet Biographical Collection” set the genea-blogosphere awhirl. Hardly any active genea-blogger failed to weigh in on this issue. And that fact apparently carried some influence with The Generations Network. Additionally, readers and commenters were active. Although I usually don’t swell on such matters, GeneaBlogie received more visits on this controversy than we’ve had on any other …Continue reading →


Reminder: Carnival Deadline is September 1

Get your submissions in before you leave for the long weekend! The submission site is here.


1890 Census Series Delayed

Our promised series on the 1890 census has been delayed while we reacted to and researched the issues concerning the caching matter. It will be posted on Friday.

OFF Removes "Internet Biographical Database"

I’ve just come home from work to find messages and blogs stating that has removed their “Internet Biographical Collection” which cached the work of other genealogists without permission or credit. Ancestry clearly underestimated the reaction of the genealogy community when they created this blunder. Their announcement says that the database is removed “for the time being.” One lesson I …Continue reading →

OFF UPDATE has posted a message here. Be sure to check out the comments.

OFF Thieves, Hypocrites, Blunderers, or Fair Users?

I got an e-mail from Janice Brown of Cow Hampshire, telling me about’s “Internet Biography Collection.” I always appreciate hearing about new resources on the Web. But the problem here is that, a commercial, for-profit enterprise, has appropriated Janice’s work, the work of a number of other bloggers and noncommercial webmasters, and MINE! Ancestry explains its new collection …Continue reading →


Preview: The Story of the 1890 Census

We all “know” that the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire at the Commerce Department in January, 1921. But do we know the whole story of the 1890 census? The 1890 census was in trouble long before that tragic night in 1921. The Superintendent of the Census, one R.P. Porter, had to constantly defend his work against charges that …Continue reading →


Family History Out in the Cold–Again

It’s been almost two years since we reported on the discovery of the body of an airman in California’s Sierra Nevada. The airman was later identified as 22 year-old aviation cadet Leo Mustonen of Brainerd, Minnesota. He and three other airmen were on a training mission from Mather Field near Sacramento on November 18, 1942, when their aircraft disappeared. The …Continue reading →


The Online Conference

Having read some of the Carnival posts about conferences, Denise at Family Matters suggested that we could put on a webinar. My first reaction was basically, “good idea,” in a noncommital sort of way. But by the time I woke up at 4:15 am, the idea had passed from “good idea” to “You know, we could really do this!” Then …Continue reading →


Carnival Time!

It’s that time again: The 154th edition of the California State Fair has commenced in Sacramento and the Carnival of Genealogy (30th edition) is back at Jasia’s Creative Gene. The theme this time is “Fun Never Grows Old.” Wait, sorry, that’s the State Fair theme! The Carnival of Genealogy theme is genealogical conferences/seminars. [Insert your own punchline here]. Geneablogie has …Continue reading →

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