Obituary: Victoria Ann Rogers

Victoria Ann Rogers, born on July 3, 1946, in Santiago, Chile, passed away at her home in Sacramento on October 12, 2007. Vicky is survived by her daughter Cynthia Thompson and husband Jeff, son Ian Rogers, grandchildren Dana, Celina and Nicholas Thompson, siblings Jim Pisano and Vivian Pisano, and a large extended family. A graveside funeral service will be held on Friday, October 19, at 10:00 AM at East Lawn Memorial Park, 43rd Street and Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, California.

Vicky Rogers was my court reporter when I was a Judge of the Superior Court in Sacramento County from 1998 to 2002. She had retired not long ago. She was well-liked by court staff, lawyers and litigants. She did a great job and had a great sense of humor. She loved her family and her job. We will miss her very much.


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3 Responses to “Obituary: Victoria Ann Rogers”

  • Celina Thompson says:

    We miss you very much, Grandma Tati.
    And love you just as much.

    I wish we could have spent one more Christmas and New Years together.
    I also wish you could have come to my graduation this year.
    I’m going to be incredibly hot standing in the sun with my black cap and gown on.


    Sorry about all the candy wrappers we left lying around your house all the time.

    I found that TSO CD too.
    I had it.

    Oh, interesting facto,
    Abuelito has a wikipedia up now with more tan just his tomb stone, and a few articles in Spanish about his life/job.

    It’s pretty spiffy.

    We love you.

  • Miriam says:

    Craig, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost two friends in such a short time. Take care.

  • Apple says:

    I’m very sorry you’ve lost two friends who were both so young. My sympathy to you and both families.

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