October, 2007

Obituary: Patricia Ellen Morrison

Patricia Ellen Morrison (nee Martin), born June 19, 1962, passed away Sunday, October 14, 2007. She was a member of the Kaw and Osage Nations. Patty was a graduate of Baylor University and Baylor Law School. She was a member of Kappa Delta sorority. She practiced law with The Williams Companies Legal Department from 1990 to 2002. She was appointed …Continue reading →


Another Law Lesson: The Basics of Defamation

A few years ago, I thought about writing on the topic of defamation and invasion of privacy as they relate to genealogy, but I ultimately decided that there just wasn’t enough material there to make it worth the time. Then, somewhat more recently, I wrote something that drew a comment that seemed a bit hostile. But with the sensory limitations …Continue reading →


Baby Boomers Reach Social Security Age

According to news reports, Kathleen Casey Kirschling of New Jersey will apply for Social Security benefits today, in anticipation of turning 62 on January 1, 2008. In a 1980 study, researcher Landon Jones tagged Kathleen Casey as the iconic “first Baby Boomer.” The term “Baby Boomer” refers to those born between 1946 and 1964 in the population explosion that followed …Continue reading →


The Next Next Generation

Baptism Jonathan EdwardsVentura, California Parents: Jamal & Tamila EdwardsGrandparents: Ron & Audrey Edwards and Terry & Donna MansonGodparents: Craig & Penny Manson


The Next Generation

Happy Birthday (12th) to Dallas Miller Manson of San Jose, California! His parents are David Q. Manson and Creola Lee Miller Manson. His grandparents are Harold V. Manson and Lillian Gines Manson of San Jose; and Louis Mannuel Miller and Eleanor Edwards Miller of Los Angeles.


Coming Next Week: Another Law Lesson

Can you be held liable for defamation for something you write in a family history? Could you be sued for invasion of privacy for your genealogical endeavors? Next week, Geneablogie presents another law lesson: Defamation and Privacy Issues in Genealogy.


A Brayboy Challenge

One genealogical feature that I’ve come to enjoy recently is Chris Dunham’s “Genealogical Challenge,” which appears from time to time at The Genealogue. Chris challenges readers to find some interesting or obscure genealogical information about an historical or pop culture figure. These challenges and their solutions serve to refine research skills and open up many sources that one might not …Continue reading →


My Families’ Weddings

She’s there every morning, watching me, this pretty teenager. Her eyes dipped slightly, confident yet demure; slender and shy. She grips a rosary in her hands. A long veil falls down her back to the floor where it merges with the pool that is the train of her dress. She watches me, this teenager from across the room, from across …Continue reading →


A "Relatively" New Blog of Interest

Karen Burney, who’s one of my Brayboy cousins, has a new blog up called Louisiana Lineage Legacies. Karen shares the stories of her 15 years of genealogical research. Although it is focused on Louisiana, she has a wealth of information about her research in other states, like South Carolina. The surnames she’s studied include Brayboy, Morris, Jefferson, Chestnut, Hines, and …Continue reading →

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