December, 2007

The Greatest Genealogical Find Ever . . .

The GeneaBlogie staff is a bit under the weather today, this last day of 2007. Nonetheless, I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas (Christmas? It’s only 359 days away!). I’m awaiting the imminent delivery of The Greatest Genealogical Find Ever. What possibly could be The Greatest Genealogical Find Ever? Here’s the story: as long as I have been aware …Continue reading →


Update Your Address Books! We’re Moving!

GeneaBlogie is moving up the cyber-street! On January 1, 2008, we’ll be at So please update your links, readers, etc. (The old address will still work for awhile, so you won’t miss anything!)


Trying Again Pays Off Again: Updating "The French Negroes of Illinois"

Last year, I did a major series on the so-called “French Negroes of Illinois,” focusing on the Micheau family of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. In that series, I traced the origins of the French Negroes of Illinois from slaves brought from Haiti by Pierre Renault, who was seeking silver and gold. Also in that series, I recounted the story told …Continue reading →


Important Genealogical Tip: Try, Try Again!

An important tip in genealogical research is to re-plow ground you’ve already been over before. And if that’s not productive, do it again! Why? Because it works. Miriam at Ancestories had a Christmas Day surprise when she finally found some elusive in-laws for whom she had searched for years. In an idle moment, she tried again on-line and there they …Continue reading →


The Night Before Christmas

Craig reads a classic Christmas poem==>here. My favorite carol: press PLAY below. Merry Christmas to all from Craig at GeneaBlogie!


Noel Miscellany

Jasia has posted the 38th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic is “The New Millenium.” I didn’t go to the Carnival this time because my experience of Y2K was rather boring, frankly. The theme for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: New Year’s Resolutions. As the year winds to a close in the next …Continue reading →


Where Were You At Census Time?

Tim Agazio started wondering whether his descendants would be able to find him in census records. And Chris had a Challenge in which a person had been unable to find certain relatives in the census records. So just where were you when the census was taken? The first census in my life was 1960. We lived in what was then …Continue reading →


Christmas 1958

Craig, Baby Sister, and brother with Sankt Nikolaus inFrankfurt am Main


My Trilingual Christmases–UPDATE

Click here for a pretty good 1914 cylinder recording of Cantique de Noel, the French original of O Holy Night. Thanks to the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project, Department of Special Collections, Donald C. Davidson Library, University of California at Santa Barbara. The performer is the Canadian tenor Albert Quesnel. (Listen to him hit that high note in the last …Continue reading →


My Trilingual Christmases

Geneablogger footnoteMaven has started a Christmas caroling meme. I’ve mentioned before that part of my childhood was spent in Germany. I went to a German school for part of that time and we had a German nanny. I was immersed in the culture and language at an early age. And Christmas in Germany became one of my favorite times and …Continue reading →

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