UPDATE: Register of U.S. Army Enlistments

Well, I am both gratified and chastened! In the comments to the original post below, Chad Milliner points out what should been obvious to me. That is, essentially, that the Register of U.S. Army Enlistments includes only original federal enlistments. Chad reminds us that in the 18th and 19th
centuries, American wars were fought largely by troops raised by the States. The Regular Army was very small. So the database is complete as to the years it covers for the enlistments in the U.S. Army.

And you’d think an old National Guardsman like me would have remembered that! (Don’t tell anybody how badly I blew this one–they’ll revoke my retirement and order me back into uniform for remedial training!).

Thanks, Chad, for keeping us straight!

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Register of U.S. Army Enlistments”

  • J. Davis says:

    I was just searching these records for an individual I knew had enlisted in Nov or Dec 1912. Couldn’t find him. I finally started looking for his enlistment, day by day for these months and year.

    Lo and behold, no one except a couple of Philippine Scouts, with surnames beginning with H, I or J enlisted for this time period. I’m thinking the 1912 book (or the pages) with these letters in it are missing from the originals.


  • jackie ream says:

    Is there some place that I can write to for more inf than I found on the U.S. Army register of enlistments 1798-1914? Need a address. The National Archives in Washington DC said that they do not have any records on the U.S. Army Enlistments. Thank you.

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