June 30th, 2008

Genetic Testing In California

Blaine Bettinger has got an excellent piece on the California genetic testing controversy over at The Genetic Genealogist. I’m glad he’s weighed in on this matter. Last week, I issued a challenge to the industry and the state to come together in a neutral forum to discuss the issues. Next week, I plan to make a formal, concrete proposal to …Continue reading →

Jamboree: Was It Worth It?

This is a fair question. I look at it from a cost/benefits point of view. The cost of the program itself for me was about $215, to which I have to add hotel costs for two nights (I was actually there for three nights, but I assign one night’s cost to another mission), food, and airfare. So for me, living …Continue reading →

Dick Eastman is Highlight Speaker at Jamboree

Dick Eastman was the featured speaker at the SCGS Jamboree’s Saturday Evening Social and Dinner in Burbank last week. Dick described the difference between a “name-gatherer” and a family historian and urged the crowd to be the latter, not the former. In a speech entitled, “Putting the Genes in Genealogy,” Eastman pointed out the great strides made in genetics and …Continue reading →

Saturday at the Jamboree

After the Bloggers Summit, everybody headed for lunch. And here is one of the nits I have to pick about the conference. The lunch lines were unreasonably long and there were far too few tables at which to sit. That led a number of people to head “off-campus” for lunch. Those without transportation (moi) went to the hotel restaurant which …Continue reading →

SCGS Jamboree: Why Live Blogging Didn’t Work for Me

And the Implications of That!I had said that I would “liveblog” the Jamboree. As it sadly happened, I could not, but others did. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons, each with certain implications and lessons. FIRST: I had assumed without checking that the Marriott’s Convention Center would have wireless Internet access for all participants. Apparently, there was a …Continue reading →

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