July, 2008

Dealing With Thousands of Photographs, etc.–Step 1

We decided as a first step to “sample” one of the boxes. There we found hundreds of photos, a number of documents, vital records (including some for living family members!), and a lot of ephemera. Here’s a partial inventory of stuff in that first box: Photographs, amounting to several hundred. Two family tree (descendancy) charts, filled out to the sixth …Continue reading →


From Catholic Records to Illinois Slave Records

Le vingt deux fevrier mil huit cent treize a ete baptiste George ne de Julie esclave de fem Mv LaChange ont ete parrein Ignace et marrein Marguerite tous deux esclaves de Mde Ve D’Amour So it says in the records of the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, referring to one George Micheau. What does this mean? Keeping in mind that …Continue reading →


How Do I Deal With Thousands of Photos?

My inclination is to dive right in like a kid at Christmas! But this isn’t practical for several reasons: I’m not sure how or where these were previously stored, and thus I don’t know the age or condition of most of them. I probably cannot identify many of then without family help. I still must eat and sleep. Given those …Continue reading →


More Pictures . . .

of boxes of pictures (and documents)!


ScanFest: Tell Me About It!

July’s ScanFest is tomorrow, but I can’t make it–ironically because I’ve got too many photos! I mentioned a little while ago that I was anticipating receiving a number of photos from a relative in the Midwest. By Friday, 25 July, a total of nine medium-sized moving boxes of photos and documents had arrived by mail! Today, a 5’x7’x8′ crate was …Continue reading →


Doing Some Hard Genealogy With Catholic Records

So I broke away from all the other toys to actually do some hard genealogy. I’ve written many times about Record Search at FamilySearch Labs. I noted awhile ago that I had found there the records of the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, which includes an area of my research interest, the village of Prairie du Rocher in Randolph County, …Continue reading →


Genealogy:The Next Generation

We’ve talked often about getting younger folks involved with family history and sometimes we’ve lamented about the seeming lack of interest on the part of young people. We’ve been disabused of that latter notion by great folks like Jessica of Jessica’s Genejournal. And today I want to introduce my readers to Jeanna (pronounced like “Gina”), whose new blog is called …Continue reading →


San Francisco Mortuary Records to be Indexed

I’ve written a lot about FamilySearch Indexing. And another reason I’ve felt a little behind with GeneaBlogie as well as reading the blogs I usually read is that I’ve done a lot of indexing! But I was particularly excited by the announcement the other day that San Francisco’s mortuary records will be indexed in a venture involving the California Genealogical …Continue reading →


How About "Irena Does the Macarena"?

A New Zealand judge has taken extraordinary steps in a custody case involving a child wiith an unusual name. Family Court judge Rob Murfitt [found] a girl had been named Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He ordered the girl, the subject of a custody battle, to be placed in court guardianship so her name could be changed. A lawyer …Continue reading →


Keeping Up: Facebook

I’ve had a bit of difficulty keeping up lately. One cause among many: Facebook! (see Tim Agazio’s remarks here. I concur with a lot of what you say, Tim!) I do enjoy the networking among folks with similar interests, but it can get out of hand I actually did find people that I actually know on Facebook. That fact and …Continue reading →

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