ScanFest: Tell Me About It!

July’s ScanFest is tomorrow, but I can’t make it–ironically because I’ve got too many photos! I mentioned a little while ago that I was anticipating receiving a number of photos from a relative in the Midwest. By Friday, 25 July, a total of nine medium-sized moving boxes of photos and documents had arrived by mail! Today, a 5’x7’x8′ crate was off-loaded from a flatbed truck–the crate contains, along with antique furniture, more than 200 cubic feet of photographs and documents, some dating well back into the 19th century.

I’m not joking.

We have received probably more than 5,000 photographs, not to mention documents and vital records.

I could spend the next ten years dealing with this stuff . . . .

Above and below: Some of the smaller boxes that arrived by mail last week.

Below: One of the hundreds of albums that came by mail last week.

Below: Some of the antique furniture that arrived by freight today.

Below: The crew begins unloading.

Thanks to Faith Archuleta and her crew from Faith Full Movers, Citrus Heights, California, for their help today!


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10 Responses to “ScanFest: Tell Me About It!”

  • Craig Manson says:


    A great idea. I’ve heard of Metal Edge.

  • Denise L says:

    What a great “problem,” Craig. I received a similar, but smaller, situation. May I suggest finding a distributor for library archival supplies? I purchased archival storage boxes from Metal Edge (Los Angeles) and moved everything into them just to get them out of the cardboard. Archivists suggest leaving everything in the original context/order, so you might want to just move box for box for now, but at least you will slow down damage.
    Keep us posted, and good luck,

  • Ruth says:

    quote: OH…MY…GOSH…! :unquote

    Need any help?

  • Colleen says:

    I’m drooling with envy. Don’t worry i moved the photos out of the way!

  • NevadaGenealogist says:

    Craig –
    Just looking at your posted photos generates a near fatal case of treasure-trove-envy. Enjoy the discoveries. – Judy

  • George Geder says:


    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  • Becky says:

    Oh Craig, what a horrible problem to have! LOL. It can be overwhelming but just think of the treasures to be found in those boxes. I’m in the midst of sorting pictures from my mom’s albums, but certainly don’t have the volume of stuff that you have to look forward to. Good luck.

  • Jasia says:

    Holy Moly Batman! If this isn’t a case of hitting the proverbial jackpot I don’t know what is!

    I look forward to reading about the mother lode of all genealogy gifts. Only in my dreams can I imagine being given so great a gift. Yeah, I’m envious.

  • Moultrie Creek says:

    Wow! What a goldmine!

    My family bonanza wasn’t half the size of yours and I’m still trying to sort it all out – more than 10 years later. If your collection is anything like mine, you’ll enjoy a continuing series of delightful discoveries.

  • Miriam says:

    I have only three things to say: Oh. My. Gosh!

    And this: Lucky You!

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