August, 2008

An Attempted Act of Genealogical Kindness

On Wednesday, Randy Seaver posted this item about the discovery of some love letters between a Navy man and his wife during World War II.  Seems the letters were found in a trash can at a thrift store  in Grass Valley, California, about 50 miles north of my location.   The letters came from Claude Dawson in the South Pacific to …Continue reading →


Social Networks and Genealogy: Part 1

Social networks are part of the new generation of Web applications and they are starting to reach their adolescence.  In their infancy, like all tech stuff, social networks were either disregarded by “mainstream” users or disrespected by avant-garde developers as not serious.  But now, it seems that nearly everyone is finding use for social networks.  And that’s what happens to …Continue reading →


Coming Up on GeneaBlogie!

Starting this week: a multi-part series on Social Networks and Genealogy–starts Thursday. Sept 1: Deadline for Show and Tell at the Carnival! Next week: another multi-part series: 40 Years On – A Memoir of 1968 Oct 3-5: A GeneaBlogie Special Event! More info coming soon!


Managing the Treasure Trove of Photos and Documents

So how have we been doing managing our windfall of photos and documents?  It’s going slowly as one might expect.  We’re stll “triaging.”  Some observations so far: A lot of the photographs had been saved in the worst possible way: glued to scrapbook pages covered with sticky plastic!  These will take some extra work. There is a fair amount of …Continue reading →


The Soundtracks of My Salad Days

Greenman Tim of Walking the Berkshires started this meme.  And it was a bit difficult simply because there was so much to work with. The question was “what were the 10 most formative albums of your teenage years?” I’m not sure how to answer that; only rarely has music had a shaping influence on me.  But I do love music …Continue reading →


Henry Gates’ Next Big Thing: Take It to the Classroom

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the sort of fellow who wakes up in the middle of the night with grandiose ideas but not necessarily unique ideas.  The difference is that when Gates has a nocturnal brainstorm, it’s likely to turn into great happenings in the daylight.  So, one can hope, will it be with his next big thing: taking genealogy …Continue reading →


Tech Stuff: Fascinating and Well-Explained and Important

If you’re interested in making good use of technology in your research, then you should be reading Denise Olson’s Family Matters.  This summer, Denise has had “hit after hit” as they used to say in my Top 40 radio days.   She’s not just a reviewer, but an active user of the stuff she writes about.  Her posts are well-explained and …Continue reading →


The Carnival is Up!

The 54th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue. It’s the one on family language. There are funny posts, poignant ones, thoughtful ones, presented by a number of bloggers.  Check it out! And it’s time for preparing the 55th Carnival. Call for submissions! With Labor Day and the end of summer …Continue reading →


I Think the Term is “Hubris” . . . .

What on earth ever possessed me to enter every event in the 2008 Games, what with school starting and all?!


Carnival of Genealogy: The Language of Families

My family has several linguistic oddities. When The World’s Smartest Sister was a toddler, she couldn’t pronounce the word “brother.”  It always came out as “bubbas.” Her two older siblings were her “bubbas.”   As  she grew older and more adept at the language, we kept the word “bubbas” as a term of endearment.  Later when we acquired The World’s Greatest …Continue reading →

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