Living in Two Places

GeneaBlogie is between homes right now. No, we’re not homeless; some of you have noticed that we have two homes! We are at both: AND

We will be moving permanently to the latter site. This has been in the works for quite awhile; we had several hiccups along the way. But with the recent spam-flagging of several legitimate blogs on Google’s Blogger system, I really accelerated the process. I’m not in need of a nanny; I can be master of my own domains, so to speak.

If you’re visiting us here in our new home, you’ll see it’s not totally ready, but our guests will be comfortable. In a few days, our old place will be boarded up. So update your address books now to:

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6 Responses to “Living in Two Places”

  • George Geder says:

    Hi Craig!

    Good luck and success in your new digs!

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  • Myrt says:

    Can you provide an RSS feed code for those like me who like to read your blog via email?

  • RootsReading says:

    Hey Craig:

    I like the new place! Good luck with the transition!


  • Nancy M says:

    Ditto Myrt’s question. Also, will our subscription automatically be rerouted to the new address? If not, what do I have to do (in computer “almost-illiterate language,” please? :~) I don’t want to miss a post!

    Keep us posted on how you deal with, as well as what you find in, your trove of priceless genealogical info!! I am fascinated and awed by your acquisition!!

  • Tim Agazio says:


    I like Geneablogie’s new home and completely agree with your nanny comment! That whole Google Blogger thing really puzzles me.


  • Nancy M says:

    Thanks so much for the RSS feed for e-mail delivery of your blog! I won’t miss an “issue.” (You can see I am still thinking in the old-fashioned journalistic nomenclature!)
    Great blog, Craig. Best to you at your new home and this new school year.
    Nancy M

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