August, 2008

Can’t find a Louisiana Relative or Ancestor? Try Looking in California!

What?! Yes, you heard right. If you’re having difficulty locating a Louisiana relative or ancestor from the 20th century, perhaps you should try looking in California . . . well, at least in some of the California databases on During and after World War II, there was a huge movement of people from the South to California. They were …Continue reading →


Why I Blog: Reason No. (???)

A few days ago, a young man commented on a blog post I had written sometime last year.  He noted that the man referred to in that post as my father’s cousin was the young man’s grandfather.  I soon heard from the young man’s brother, followed in turn by their mother.  We’ve had a lively email exchange of information; confirming …Continue reading →


My Favorite Photograph

This was supposed to have been a post for the 4th Edition of Smile for the Camera at Shades of the Departed, but I missed the deadline. (Somewhere along the line, about three weeks ago, perhaps, I slid behind schedule and have been running to catch up! We’ll see what that means for the Games!). In any event, I decided …Continue reading →


GeneaBlogie Among “Best of the Best”

at Alltop. Our friend the footnoteMaven was among the first, if not the first, of the genea-bloggers to notice that the site has added a genealogy section. And her blogs were listed! fM closed her post about Alltop with an enticing “See anyone you know?”  So we had to look and there was GeneaBlogie! Allltop describes itself as a …Continue reading →


Why Genealogists Make Mistakes

The new issue of the AARP magazine showed up the other day–the one with Sidney Poitier on the cover.  It’s just been recently that I’ve been able to admit publicly that I do read that magazine as I embrace life as “older guy.” The magazine this month has an article entitled “Why Doctors Make Mistakes”, a very important topic for …Continue reading →


The 2008 Summer GeneaBloggers Games

Some of the clever administrators at the GeneaBloggers Group on Facebook (Thomas, Miriam, Kathryn) have put together the 2008 Summer GeneaBloggers Games.   Although I missed the Opening Ceremonies, I will be competing in every category.  The Games end on August 25.  Below are the categories and rules.  Also below is my flag. It’s taken from the flag of Ghana, representing …Continue reading →



With school starting in about a week and a half (what?!), it’s been busy around here.  So I’m slow on several things.   First thing is the BFF.  I was tagged twice–by Elizabeth O’Neal and Janet Iles.  I actually met Elizabeth at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in June.  She writes the crisp and frequently wry Little Bytes of Life.   …Continue reading →


Update: The Missouri Insurance Company

Over on our soon-to-be-vacated site, my Brayboy cousin Karen Burney had this to say in the comments: Craig, that is a great artifact. Sorry to be the “Devils Advocate” but thought I would share some thoughts on why these policies were so popular and seemed a good investment then and even now. First, as you point out, the primary …Continue reading →


The Missouri Insurance Company

In the first half of the twentieth century, it was a common practice of many immigrant families and African-American families to purchase life insurance policies on their infant children. Indeed, as late as the 1990’s, a well respected baby food company was sponsoring such insurance policies. Why would someone purchase a life insurance policy on an infant? Isn’t the textbook …Continue reading →


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