September, 2008

An Intended Trip to St Louis Turns into Four Days in the Hospital

On Friday,  Sept 26, I made a to-do list that was simple: Complete the post for “Getting to  Know Me”;  Complete the Carnival post.  Unveil the special project for this week called “Craig is 14 . . . .”  Complete the posts for “1968: A Personal Memoir”; make my 11:00 am routine physical appointment with my doctor; pack my bags …Continue reading →


MyHeritage Acquires Kindo

With press releases issued simultaneously in the UK and Tel Aviv, the Israeli company MyHeritage announced its acquisition of London-based Kindo, a social networking site.  MyHeritage claims 25 million members worldwide.  Kindo markets to families.  According to the press release, MyHeritage will open operations in London where Kindo is based. This is yet another example of Web 2.0 innovations going …Continue reading →


Woo-Hoo! Louisiana Death Records Now Online!

UPDATE: [9/20/08 at 5:08 PM PDT]:  The problem with the order page alluded to below is that my pop-up blocker was on.  The page does not alert you to this issue, but beware: that’s the stopper.] Joe Beine has posted that Louisiana Death Records 1911-1957 are now online! Terrific! I’ve tried the site and it generally works well, but can …Continue reading →


Ten Books Essential for Genealogists: Some “Different” Thinking

Everyone, I expect, can agree on some of the books by the top authors in this field, and everyone can agree that every genealogist should have read them and have ready access to them. But I see genealogy as informed by many other disciplines and I think that genealogists need to inform themselves about these disciplines.   Not only will our …Continue reading →


Who Am I? Another Orphan Postcard

This photo postcard was found in family pictures in St Louis, Missouri.  Living family members do not recognize the man. He may be from St Louis, or possibly from the Southern Illinois region encompassing Randolph, St Clair, Union, Monroe, and Jackson counties. One clue as to the time frame is on the reverse side.  There around the stampbox are the …Continue reading →



As I was looking for something else yesterday I stumbled upon the site below, How could I have missed something apparently this good? I went to one of my surnames, Gines, and the following screen turned up. Man, was I excited now!  I decided to search in Louisiana where I have some Gines relatives and some Gines brickwalls. My …Continue reading →


Crowning Glory Indeed!

Eighth Grade Graduating Class, St Rita’s Academy, 1934, St Louis, Missouri Front Row left: Edna Mary Micheau Submitted for Smile for the Camera, 5th Edition, at Shades of the Departed Photography by Ladd’s Studio, 5972 Easton Avenue, St Louis, Missouri Original Privately Held by Craig Manson, Carmichael, California


The Carnival’s Back!

The 55th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy–“Show & Tell”–is posted at Jasia’s Creative Gene.  I missed it due to technical issues with my WordPress software, but I will post my original submission in the coming days. Call For Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the COG will be: 10 essential books in my genealogy library. It will …Continue reading →


An “American Name”?

I blogged about this several years ago, but now there’s a startling new development.  The original story goes something like this: I was in England for a few years and one day driving to work out in East Anglia, there was a story on BBC Radio 2 news about a bank robbery that had occurred the day before.  Apparently, the …Continue reading →


Should Newspaper Be Publishing “Love Letters”?

We’ve been discussing the publication of a number of “love letters” from a World War II sailor to his wife back home in San Francisco.  The letters from Claude Everett Dawson to his wife Nadine Henry Dawson were discovered in a trash bin in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, a Sierra foothills community.   The local newspaper, The Union, has published …Continue reading →

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