An Intended Trip to St Louis Turns into Four Days in the Hospital

On Friday,  Sept 26, I made a to-do list that was simple: Complete the post for “Getting to  Know Me”;  Complete the Carnival post.  Unveil the special project for this week called “Craig is 14 . . . .”  Complete the posts for “1968: A Personal Memoir”; make my 11:00 am routine physical appointment with my doctor; pack my bags for a 6:00 am Saturday departure to St Louis for a quick weekend trip necessitated by some family business.

Ah, if only  .  .  .  .

When I got to my doctor’s office, she said, “You don’t look well.”  {Funny, I thought, the friend who drove me home from a meeting last night said the same thing!]. When she discovered that I had a fever and elevated blood pressure, she said, “You’re going to the emergency room!”

To make a very long story short, I was admitted to the hospital in serious condition with a severe infection. No trip to St Louis; barely any time to notify anyone.

Four days later, the doctors decided I could go home.  I”m still sick: I’m just not in the hospital (which is fine by me! The “not in the hospital” part, I mean.)

So I’m home now and getting better.

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