Woo-Hoo! Louisiana Death Records Now Online!

UPDATE: [9/20/08 at 5:08 PM PDT]:  The problem with the order page alluded to below is that my pop-up blocker was on.  The page does not alert you to this issue, but beware: that’s the stopper.]

Joe Beine has posted that Louisiana Death Records 1911-1957 are now online! Terrific! I’ve tried the site and it generally works well, but can be slightly recalcitrant from time to time.  I tried out all my Louisiana surnames and found something for every one of them.  The site has an index with names, dates and parishes of death and page and volume numbers. The age at death is also  displayed.

If you want a certified copy of the microfilm image, well now, that’s a whole $5.49! Yessir, $5.49 in today’s money. You can’t order online; you have to print out a PDF form to order or write your own letter (the form page was one of the recalcitrant parts).  It’s $5.00 for the certificate; 49 cents for postage to send your order. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Lousiana Death Records 1911-1957

One issue when I visited was that the “Basic Search” function didn’t always function. If it tells you “No Records Found,” switch to “Advanced Search,” which needs no more information than a surname.

Below is the order form page, which I could not get to print. So write your own letter!


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3 Responses to “Woo-Hoo! Louisiana Death Records Now Online!”

  • Pat Fletcher says:

    Yeah, but Ancestry doesn’t seem to lock up as much as the SoS-LA site does. But i will keep trying it because i can always hope that the SoS will find some, and post them, before Ancestry gets them. Thanks for the link.

  • Craig says:

    Thanks, Karen. The one thing I have noticed is that on the state’s site, there are fewer transcription errors than on Ancestry. I had several dates that were transcribed like this “192?” for example on Ancestry, that have complete dates on the state’s site.

  • karen says:

    Hi Craig-
    I have ordered quite a few death certificates from the Louisiana State Archives before. They are fairly prompt but as you mention, there is a $5.00 charge. The only way to avoid the fee is to go to the Research Library where they only charge 50 cents. The new search site is the exact same index that has been provided by Ancestry.com for years. You can also just print the page and send it in with your fee. I am still waiting for the day when they follow the lead of their Texas neighbors and put the entire image on line. Thanks for sharing.

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