Family on Television

My families will be getting some television exposure this fall.

First, on Tuesday, November 11, ABC Family Channel presents the two hour season finale of Lincoln Heights, which stars Nicki Mischeau as Jennifer Sutton, wife of police officer Eddie Sutton. Nicki is part of the “French Negroes of Illinois” families that settled in St Louis.  An experienced character role player, Nicki has appeared in Six Feet Under, The Shield, JAG, The Practice, and many other popular television shows.  ABC recently announced that Lincoln Heights has been renewed for a fourth season.

Some very exciting news is that in December, the African American Channel will launch with a documentary on James Bowie, Free Man of Color.  I’m a direct descendant of James Bowie (1791-1832); he being my 4th great-grandfather.  The African American Channel’s documentary promises to be an outstanding bit of history and genealogy.  My cousin Steven Bowie is featured in the piece. I’ve seen some photographs from the filming and it should be great. Updates on the time and date and how to get the African American Channel in your area will be forthcoming!


4 Responses to “Family on Television”

  • George Geder says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’m excited for you about your family members being on television.

    Please keep us posted; I don’t want to miss it!

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Craig –

    Any more details on the James Bowie special yet?

    Thanks for sharing. If only more of our ancestors could get this type of press!


  • Craig says:

    No, Lisa, I haven’t heard of a definite date from the producers yet. But I’ll post as soon as I know!

  • Samuel Peter Rutland Sr. says:

    I wish someone would put together a family contact directory and an ongoing online newsletter. If they already exist please contact me.

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