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Soon after Tuesday’s post about MyHeritage, the company responded.  I got  a lengthy comment from Alon, portions of which I’m bringing up here.

COMMENTER (Alon of . . . IMHO, the fact that you received a positive Smart Match and got in touch with a relative after entering just 3 people in your tree, shows the power and coverage of MyHeritage more than anything else.

GeneaBlogie: I agree with that statement.  That’s never happened at any other site I’ve tried out.

Alon:  With regards to the prices you quoted, MyHeritage is now on a special for the holidays and some of its plans are 50% reduced.

GeneaBlogie: I think that’s great.  A number of companies are running specials at this time of year.  This is a good one.

Alon:  The help FAQ does have an article about deleting trees, is it possible that you didn’t search the FAQ, but only looked at the most popular articles? You can run a search for ‘delete’ and find it easily.

GeneaBlogie: Alon is right about this.  Being constructive, however, I would like to suggest that the “Help” or “FAQ” link appear on the front page, perhaps in the same line as “My Profile” and “My Sites”.

Alon: The Live Chat button doesn’t provide 24/7 chat, it works during our business hours; and when we’re offline, it says so on the button, and then you can leave a message. How many genealogy companies that you know, even have a live chat option to begin with? The fact that you got an email response in 3 days and not even being a paying customer (these receive premium, immediate support), is not that bad. In some companies you wouldn’t get any reply at all.

GeneaBlogie: Alon has a good point here as well that most genealogy companies do not have live chat.  That point and the others he makes were amply illustrated the same day I wrote that post, when  I went to cancel my subscriptions (more about why in a later post).  It was very difficult to find any information about cancellation on the site.  When I did find it, it was an email form.  I filled out the form and pressed “Send.”  I was then taken to a page which said that if I wished to cancel, I would have to call them.  So I picked up the telephone and called them. It was still during business hours in the Mountain Time zone.  The number rang and rang, but was never answered.  No “All of our representatives are busy,” no cheesy holiday music; just ringing.  And when the phone had rung a certain number of times, it simply hung up! Talk about frustrating!

I would say however that I hope if MyHeritage is going to continue “live chat” support that they extend it outside their Tel Aviv/London business hours. It’s a global economy out there and people want support when they want it.  I’m sure this will entail some not insubstantial costs (but if people want it when they want it, they’ll have to pay for it!).

And I confess on second look that that the Live Chat Button does note that they were off-line at the time.

Alon:  If the smart matching feature isn’t as smart as you wish, please send us feedback and examples! We are currently in the progress of improving it drastically and we always like to get suggestions.

GeneaBlogie: I think the SmartMatch feature is about as smart as’s search engine with “Exact Matches” off.  That’s pretty good  considering the affordable, available technology.

Alon: With regards to aiding researchers, I recommend that you try out our genealogy search engine at It searches almost 1500 genealogy databases in every query, I doubt you’ll find anything quite like it on the Web, and it may assist even very experienced researchers.

GeneaBlogie: I had forgotten that I had tried the “MegaDex” search engine some tome ago.  I do agree that it’s unique and that its results are good.

I clearly missed some things about MyHeritage that are important, so I’m going to spend some more time with it and report again in the future.


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