One (Not So) Great Family

One (Not so) Great Family

Back in August or September, I promised to do a series on social networking sites. Then I went to the hospital and things got backed up. I haven’t done the whole series, but I done a couple of brief reviews of several sites.  First up is “One Great Family.”

Soon after I first started my genealogical research about five years ago, I came upon a Website called One Great Family.  I subscribed and uploaded a GEDCOM file.  I think that OGF was at the time in the forefront of Web-based shared family trees.

Exciting at first because of their declarations that OGF could help link one’s family tree to many others, soon it was easy to become disenchanted with OGF as a serious researcher.  There are a number of reasons  for this disenchantment.

First, one gets the impression that a lot of OGF users care little for documentation.  There are trees that purport to go back to “Adam & Eve”!  And OGF is complicit in this ridiculousness by offering a “Genealogy Browser” that provides views of up to 196 generations!

As for OGF’s vaunted claims to link trees, there are no new links to my original tree in the last three years, although there appear to be names on the whole site that would match up with names on my original tree.

Navigation around the site can only be described as weird, especially when trying to view a family tree.

Then there’s the cost.  OGF costs $79.00 a year (they presently have a $60.00 special offer good through December 28).

There are many places to spend your genealogical dollars; in the current recession (or any other time for that matter), I wouldn’t recommend One Great Family.


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  • Chris says:

    I subscribe to the one free week at the website “One Great Family”. My initial review was disappointing to say the least. There was no information available here that I couldn’t obtain free at other sites. In fact, this site didn’t even have all the information. I cancelled the same day I registered. They make you call in to confirm the cancellation and the message states someone will call in 24 hours. Long story short – they didn’t call. They billed my credit card. Customer service does not exist, there are no timily responses to email, and they bill you even though they state they will not. “Be careful”

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