2009: Day 3

Is the honeymoon with the new year over already? I’m betting that by Monday morning, that’s what of us will be thinking!

But I’ve had a good first three days!

On the one hand, I missed the Carnival, which broke one of my resolutions, but it was unavoidable. Plagued by connectivity problems all week (which are now solved), I was lucky to get as much done as I did.  So what made the first three days of the year so good?

First, I’ve been in contact with a person who may have information about on of my most frustrating brickwalls, that being trying to get past my great-grandfather, Richard William Gines, who was born in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, and lived most of his life in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.  This person has Gines relatives in Tensas Parish on the eastern border of the state.  These relatives may be the link between the Louisiana Gines family and the Mississippi Gines family, which may ultimately link back to the Carolinas where the (English) Gineses originated in America.  So, I’m quite interested in having some further conversations with this person.

Second, some of you saw the comments to New Year’s Eve 2009, where a commenter mentioned having been in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, on New Year’s Eve for the traditional La Guiannee celebration.  The especially exciting part was her mention of having seen in Creole House in Prairie du Rocher a violin, bow and case that had belonged to a Felix Mischeau.  In our house, we a violin, bow and case that belonged to Joseph Paul Micheau, who was born in Prairie du Rocher in 1888.  I haven’t found out the exact relationship between Felix and Joseph, but the family has often wondered who or what got Joseph interested in the violin.

Third, I heard from a person who has some matches with my DNA profile and wants to talk.

Then, just this evening, I heard that there may be some interesting new information concerning the origins of James Bowie, Free man of Color, the progenitor of my Bowie line.

All that adds up to a pretty good start to a new year!


2 Responses to “2009: Day 3”

  • Msteri says:

    Craig, I thought I had a great start to my year, however you definitely topped my beginning! Keep us informed, and hope this is a sign of the year coming for you!

  • Apple says:

    Wow Craig, you are off to a great start this year! I hope it’s just the beginning of more great things to come.

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