Happy Dance Days Are Here Again!

65th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: “The Happy Dance. The Joy of Genealogy. Almost everyone has experienced it. Tell us about the first time, or the last time, or the best time. What event, what document, what special find has caused you to stand up and cheer, to go crazy with joy? If you haven’t ever done the Happy Dance, tell us what you think it would take for you to do so.”

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to write about for this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.  Lately, I’ve had some interesting leads turn up, but as exciting as that has been, I’m still tracking down the information — so no Happy Dance there.

Then just today, something happened!  I discovered photographs that for ages I had been hoping to find. I’d decided that I’d never see any such photographs, that they didn’t exist.  But suddenly, here they were!  Cue the music!

I won’t say how or where I found these because you wouldn’t believe it.  You wouldn’t believe that in my years of doing this work, I had failed to look in one obvious place.  It’s a place that I see about every other day, yet I never went in there until last night.   You’d be saying, “How could you have overlooked or disregarded that?!” So don’t worry where I found this evidence; please just join me in my Happy Dance!

The photos below are of the Frank Gines family of Nacogdoches, Texas.  Frank Gines (1883-1946) was born in Louisiana.  He was the son of Richard William Gines (see immediately preceding post) and Sylvia LeJay.  He was my grandfather’s oldest brother.   Frank married Willie V. Cole in the early twentieth century and they moved from Louisiana to Nacogdoches, Texas.  They had eight children, all of whom are depicted here.

The pictures were part of a single original piece owned by my cousin Tamara Curl-Green of Houston, Texas.  They are displayed here with her permission.

I was excited to find them because they bring me a step closer to finding out more about Richard William Gines, who’s proven to be one of my most elusive ancestors.  I will really party when I find a photograph of him!


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13 Responses to “Happy Dance Days Are Here Again!”

  • Loretta Ward says:

    Hi, my name is Loretta Walton-Ward. I am the granddaughter of Frank and Willie V. Gines and the oldest daughter of Essie Mae Gines-Walton. I have also gone to family reunions in Denver and Kansas City. I look forward in meeting and talking with you.

  • Tamara Curl-Green says:

    lol It’s like a mini family reunion right here!! I can’t wait until we all get together. We should be able to piece together some good stuff!! This is so exciting. Excellent post. See you all in July!

  • […] weeks ago, in a post called Happy Dance Days are Here Again, I posted some photographs. The photos were of Frank Gines and his wife Willie V. Cole Gines, and […]

  • Lywonna "Sissy" Adams says:

    Hello to you all my name is Lywonna Adams and I am the great granddaughter of Frank and Willie Gines and their oldest daughter Jimmie Lee Giles was my grandmother. I currently resisde in Nacogdoches and would be wonderful to get to know another group of the Gines Clan. Looking forward to seeing you all. Be Blessed and take care.

  • Margie Murray Smith says:

    I am the oldest daughter of Lucy V. Gines, granddaughter of Frank and Willie Gines, and I live in Nacogdoches,Texas,which is the oldest town in TEXAS, Hello to all of you out there.

  • Linda Harrison says:

    Hello. I am Jennie V. Gines Walker’s youngest daughter and Tamara Curl Green’s aunt. She collected an amazing amount of family history when she was a student at Duke University. The photo’s above are a collage of pictures provided by Archie and Cookie Rogers of Nacogdoches. They gave them to Frank and Willie V.’s grandchildren as Christmas presents at the Gines Family Christmas Dinner (2006) in Nacogdoches. I am so happy to talk to you!!! Please email us so we can stay in touch. The pictures above do not include the death of Mary Lou Gines (Maxie). She passed away in October, 2008 in Greensboro NC.

    I am so excited!! Tell us where you are located Our branch is pretty close but we always have room for more.

  • Hello,I am Lucy V.Rogers granddaughter. I currently live in Nacogdoches. My grand mother had 10 children which are all living with the exception of one (Joyce Hadnit Murchinson) It was such a blessing to find out just lastnite that you know that you are a cousin. we are getting ready for our Gines Family reunion in July 10,11,12 here in Nac. The 4th & 5th generation is incharge of getting this thing off the ground. I am the historian, and with that you already know what my job intells. I am not at all sure who you are or where you are located, but we (the fam) would love to visit with you and maybe we can put our information together and find out where we come from and who ALL our family is. God Bless and Keep us. I am sooooooooooooooo excited, cant wait to hear from you. Tess

  • Carol S. Walton-Taylor says:

    My name is Carol S. Walton-Taylor and I am the granddaughter of Frank & Willie V. (Cole) Gines of Nacogdoches, Texas and the daughter of Essis Mae Gines-Walton. Tamara Curl-Green is the daughter of my first cousin from Houston Texas and I would love to visit with you concering the geneology of the Gines Family. Most of the people you have listed from Henry Gines to Frank Gines of Kansas City, Mo and Denver I know and visit and talk with on a regular basis.

  • Kenny says:

    I am the grandson of Essie Walton. We are putting together a family reunion this summer in Nacogdoches, maybe you can find some information there. Where are you located at?

  • I know you were very happy when you found these! I’ll be checking back to find out where they were exactly!

  • Terry Snyder says:

    Okay, I’m happy and jealous, all at the same time. What a wonderful find!

  • Craig says:

    Maybe in a year or two, Sheri. Too embarrassing right now!

  • Sheri Fenley says:

    I can’t stand it! You have to tell where you found them!

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