February, 2009

Bridging Black History Month and Women’s History Month

Here’s some  aviation history made just recently: Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5202 from Atlanta to Nashville and Flight 5106 from Nashville back to Atlanta.  Thursday, February12, 2009.  The crew: Captain Rachelle Jones (back, right); First Officer Stephanie Grant (front, left); Flight Attendants Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway


Happy Blogoversary, footnoteMaven!

It’s hard to believe that’s only been two years since the public debut of footnoteMaven, the proprietress of her pseudonymously eponymous blog as well as of Shades of the Departed.  In that short time, her publications have set the bar higher and higher for content and she has become by acclamation one of the respected leaders of the Geneablogosphere.  She …Continue reading →


The Demise of Another Great One

The Rocky Mountain News breathed its last breath on Friday, February 27, 2009.  It was less than sixty days shy of its 150th birthday, having first appeared on April 23, 1859.  The Rocky’s demise comes almost exactly a year after the end of its E.W. Scripps Co. sibling, the Albuquerque Tribune (see obit here). Scripps CEO Rich Boehne said The …Continue reading →


SMGF Announces Site Update

The following message was received from Sorenson Molecular Genetics Foundation, which does genetic research for genealogical purposes among other things: Dear Friends of SMGF, SMGF is happy to announce the addition of new haplotypes and genealogical records to the Sorenson mtDNA and Y-chromosome databases. We invite you to search these updated databases to find new family connections at http://www.smgf.org. As …Continue reading →


Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

I started this with a note on Facebook and it was suggested that it would make a good meme for bloggers.  The idea is to publicize your surnames and locales to see if anyone elseknows something about them.  For me on Facebook, I got several research-helpful replies. So how much better to take it to a wider audience. List the …Continue reading →


Jamboree 2009!

The 2009 Jamboree put on by the Southern California Genealogical Society will kick off on June 26, just about four months away!  It’s one of the biggest “kinklaves” in the nation and certainly the biggest on the West Coast.  You may recall that last year’s Jamboree featured the first-ever Bloggers Summit.   This year, I have the honor of being one  …Continue reading →


MyHeritage Announces “Significant” Search Engine Upgrade

The following news release was received from MyHeritage.com.   For more information please contact: Daniel Horowitz Genealogy and Translation Manager Office: +972-3-9702614 Email: Daniel@MyHeritage.com SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS AND EXPANSION FOR MYHERITAGE GENEALOGY SEARCH ENGINE The updated “MyHeritage Research” now queries around 12 billion names in 1,526 genealogy databases from across the internet Tel Aviv, Israel – February 19, 2009 – Our …Continue reading →


Smile for the Carnivals!

I’ve been remiss in not calling attention earlier in the week to two Carnivals I really enjoyed!  The 66th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is posted here at Creative Gene.  It’s the second annual IGene Awards where genea-bloggers showcase their best work of the prior year.    You’ll find some great stuff  there! And footnoteMaven hosted the 10th Edition of …Continue reading →


What Facebook Did–The Right and Wrong

The Facebook TOS controversy moved so quickly that I had very little opportunity to take it all in before it was seemingly over. Here’s what happened:  back on February 4, 2009, Facebook made several changes to its Terms of Service.  I do not recall having heard of the changes before they went into effect.  I certainly received no notice from …Continue reading →


Georgia Confederate Pensions: Follow-up

After returning home to Upson County, Georgia, after 17 years in Texas, George Preston (“Pres”)  Birdsong applied for, and was denied, a pension for his four years of service in the Confederate Army.  His brother, Albert Hamill Birdsong, who had gone to Texas with Pres in 1884, returned to Upson County in 1903.  Albert had served two years in the …Continue reading →

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