A Family Bible Discovered

I was being lazy one evening and I decided to run some surnames in the Family History Library catalog.  Nothing verfy exciting happened until I tried “Mischeaux.”  This is what I got.   This is the data for the family bible for the very family I’m researching!  The film notes say: “Microfilm of manuscript collection (4 p.) donated by Buell Dwight Huggins, Herrin, Illinois.”

So the question in the family was: “Who is Buell Dwight Huggins and why did he have the Mischeaux family Bible?”  Investigation revealed that Buell Dwight Huggins “was was a University [of Illinois] student and, later, a member of the. Mattachine Society, an early gay activist group. . . .” That did’nt ring any bells with anybody, so how to contact him? Well, Buell Dwight Huggins, son of Francis (Frank) Marian Huggins and Sarah Carolina Robinson, was born on 9 October 1918 and died 24 August 2004.   The only other thing I was able to discover about hims was that he had lived in Los Angeles in 1948 and later had been employed by the University of Illinois.

Next step of course was to go to the local Family History Center and order the microfilm.   Here’s one of the images from it:

Mischeaux Family Bible Record page (click to enlarge image)

Mischeaux Family Bible Record page (click to enlarge image)

The  “strawberry jam” splotch (I don’t know what it actually is) appears on the microfilm.

Needless to say, family members are thrilled to be able to see this. I think that most of the handwriting is that of Maggie Williams Mischeaux.  She died in California in 1960, from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.  According to the San Mateo Times, she was hurt when the cab in which she was riding was  involved in a three-car accident on the Bayshore Freeway between San Francisco and San Francisco International Airport.  The accident occurred on October 24, 1960; she died on December 19 of that year.

The entire set of records helped me understand several relationships I had  not gotten quite right and supplied some missing dates.  Above all, however, it brought happiness to family members.


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