April, 2009

QwikTip: Finding Your Ne’er-Do-Well Ancestors and Relatives

Here’s  a quick way and inexpensive way  that you  might find out about your felonious ancestors and relatives: 1.  Go to Google Books, and type in “State  v. [name]” and see what comes up.  Try these variations: For some states, type in “People versus [name]“ For Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia, “Commonwealth v. [name]“ For British, old Canadian, and old Australian …Continue reading →

GeneaBlogie in Top 25 Genealogy Blogs!

We were surprised, thrilled, and honored by Heather Henderson’s article at ProGenealogists which described GeneaBlogie as one of the 25 most popular genealogy blogs! There are many veery excellent blogs out there and we’re just happy to be one of them.  To read the best and the soon-to-be great genealogy blogs, see Chris Dunham’s Genealogy Blog Finder and check out …Continue reading →

Lumbee Tribal Recognition May Come At Last

My cousin Karen Burney and I have both told the story of the Lumbee Indians from whence we believe our Brayboy ancestors come. See our posts here and here. For many historical and political reasons, the Lumbees have not been federally recognized as a tribe.  However they have been recognized by the state of North Carolina.   According to Allgov.com, Lumbee …Continue reading →

Tomb Sweeping Day

Over at The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit, we’re marking one of China’s biggest national holidays: Tomb Sweeping  Day. And just to show that globalization is real, they’re also celebrating in Weathersfield Township, Ohio.

My Great-Grandmother Moves to Texas

I suppose I may have taken some liberties with this month’s Carnival theme of  “What if .  .  . ” I don’t know exactly what happened when my great-great- grandmother and the son of a former slave owner  who lived next door absconded  to Texas from Georgia in 1884.  But what if it happened like this: Sitting and sipping tea …Continue reading →

A Commentary on the Quality of Sources

Read this. Then for the spot-on rejoinders, read Chris Dunham and Tim Agazio.

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