May, 2009

Reading the Writing on the Brick Wall

I had intended to move on today and discuss the plantations that we’ve come across in our long way around the brick wall of my great-grandfather, Richard William Gines.  But I want to share an issue that has hindered our search and is not all that uncommon.    The Wordle graphic above tells the story! To put the issue into genealogical …Continue reading →


Memorial Day 2009

(click for larger image) If you haven’t been to Arlington Cemetery in the last several years, you may not recognize the memorial shown above.  It is the “Women in Military Service for America” memorial and it stands near the gate of the cemetery. The women’s memorial is intended to recall all women who gave their lives in military service.   But …Continue reading →


When A Wild Goose Chase Isn’t A Wild Goose Chase

Some Lessons from Our Pursuit of Egans Gines We had started out to get past the brick wall of my great-grandfather, Richard William Gines, who was born in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, in about 1860.  After years no success either on the ground (we visited Bossier Parish as well as Caddo Parish in 2004 to research this matter) or online, we …Continue reading →


The Mysteries of the Two Fiddles

The photograph on this page was taken on May 10, 2009, which    happened to be both Mother’s Day and the birthday of Edna Micheau Penny, who’s shown here.  She’s examining a violin which belonged to her father, Joseph Perry Micheau (1888-1975) of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois.  It had been many years since she had seen the violin.  Apparently, there is …Continue reading →


The Round-About Way Around Collaterals to Your Brick Wall

Sometimes when you run up against a brick wall, you may have to go a long way in a parallel or perpendicular path to get around the brick wall.  True in physics, true in life, true in genealogy. In illustration of that point, we’ve been trying for a long time to get past the brick wall represented by my great-grandfather, …Continue reading →


Egans Gines (??-1948)

In which we beat the bushes for a collateral relative in hopes of finding our way past a brick wall! One of my big brick walls has been getting past my great-grandfather Richard Gines. [Another challenge I have is getting my voice recognition software to recognize that surname!] To deal with this brick wall I’ve been looking for collateral relatives …Continue reading →


Graduation Daze

Milestone Graduations in the family May 1955: Harold V. Manson receives his Bachelor of Journalism degree at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri.  Also in the picture are his wife, Lillian Gines Manson (left), who had graduated from Lincoln two years earlier; and his mother, Jessie Beatrice Bowie (1909-1973) (right, holding future genealogist).   Harold Manson was just the second person descended …Continue reading →


Blogging Catch-up

UPDATED 5/16/09 7:45 PM PDT (links added; spelling corrected; categories added) Much going on here as the law school gets ready for graduation Saturday TODAY!  So we’ve  been a little slow on the blog.  Here are a few things we missed: 1. Another big thank you to the volunteers at Find – a- Grave!  More pictures have been found and …Continue reading →


Smile for the Camera: Piper’s Debut

2 Year old Piper* Surveys Her Inheritance (*Lady Piper Girl Dog Pudah [Puderhead] II Piper-Stop-That-Get-Down-Off-the Furniture-Dammit, Sub-Canine of the Realm, heiress to the Domain of Honey in Mansonshire) This is the first photographer of Piper since the March 21, 2009, announcement that she will succeed 15 year old Honey (Duchess Honey D Dog Honey U Girl Dog Pudah [Puderhead] I …Continue reading →


The Census Explained

The 1890 census was one of the most controversial up to that time. It therefore attracted a great deal of commentary in the press. The following article  confirms much of what you’ve probably thought about the census.  And many interesting contextual facts may  be gleaned from the story.   It originally appeared in the New York Tribune, but was reprinted in …Continue reading →

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