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UPDATED 5/16/09 7:45 PM PDT (links added; spelling corrected; categories added)

Much going on here as the law school gets ready for graduation Saturday TODAY!  So we’ve  been a little slow on the blog.  Here are a few things we missed:

1. Another big thank you to the volunteers at Find – a- Grave!  More pictures have been found and taken.  More about that later.

2.  Cheryl Fleming Palmer bestowed us with the Friendly Blogger a ward last week.  Cheryl writes Heritage Happens — a great blog that I enjoy a lot .  So so I’m particularly pleased to accept the award from her.  I regret that it’s taken so long for us to recognize her publicly although I did post a comment on Cheryl’s blog.


Although it’s late I will pass the award forward to some friendly bloggers that I know as follows:

Thomas MacEntee, the genius behind a number of blogs, but especially Destination: Austin family and the Genea-bloggers blog.

Carol Yates Wilkerson of  iPentimento

Lisa at 100 years in America.

Kathryn Doyle at the California Genealogical Society & Library blog

Colleen at Orations of  OMcHodoy

Terry Snyder, the Desktop Genealogist Unplugged

Judith Richards Shubert who does Genealogy Traces

Jennifer of Rainy Day Genealogy Readings.

I know some of you have gotten it more than once but this is what I had in mind when I first got it and so I stayed with it.  Again we’ve been so busy with school and finals that I didn’t have time to get around to this earlier.

In any event, as summer approaches we’ve got a number of interesting things planned here so stay tuned.  For example, will talk more about the DNA adventure, as well as some progress we’ve made on some brick walls.  We’ve got some stories coming and some product reviews.


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  • Thanks Craig for the award! You are in good company since Greta of Greta’s Genealogy Blog and Gini of Ginisology bestowed the One Lovely Blog award to me last week!

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