June, 2009

Introductions At the Jamboree

BURBANK, Calif.–It’s Friday, June 26, 2009, and I’ve arrived at the Burbank Airport  Marriott, site of the 4oth Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree. I came down to the lobby and who should be here but: Thomas MacEntee the footnoteMaven Amy Coffin Kathryn Doyle and Elyse Doerflinger As we were getting to know each other, Randy Seaver arrived and joined us.    …Continue reading →


Jamboree Arrival

Good evening, Mr and Mrs America, and all the ships at sea . . . ! 2:30 PM PDT–I’ve just arrived at the Burbank Airport Marriott and got a great gift bag at reception thanks to Thomas M and Denise L.!  Very cool! I’m hooking up with The Genealogy Guys to record an interview for their podcast and after that, …Continue reading →


I Try to Kiss & Make Up with Caddo’s Clerk

Awhile ago, in a fit of technologically self-righteous pique, I vented my spleen over the process to access Caddo Parish, Louisiana, records online.  Perhaps I was too harsh. Less than a week ago, I sent to Caddo Parish by snail mail a request for some certified copies of certain records.  Today, I have the records in my hands and have …Continue reading →


Louisiana Death Records at FamilySearch.org

Among the newly released records at FamilySearch’s Record Search are death records for Louisiana.  This thrilled me, of course, for two reasons.  First, we’ve been doing the brickwall series focused on the Gines family in Louisiana.  Ironically, when the  FamilySearch records were posted, I had just sent off to the Louisiana Secretary of State a request for copies of certified …Continue reading →


Jamboree: Coming This Weekend!

The 40th Annual Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree commences Friday, June 26, 2009 at the airport Marriott in Burbank.  This is the largest genealogical convention on the west coast.  And this year’s event will be great!  The are 55 speakers, nearly 100 lectures and lots of special events.   For example, on Friday, Tukufu Zuberi, Ph.D, of the acclaimed PBS series, …Continue reading →


Fathers Day 2009

At this morning’s Mass in my parish, a petition during the Prayers of the Faithful was “for all fathers and all others who keep us safe and secure.”   The second half seemed to constitute a de facto definition of “father.”  This made sense to me as I thought about it.  It echoed precisely words that I had heard not very …Continue reading →


Software Issues Delay New Postings

We expect resolution by mid-afternoon Pacific Time!


The Brick Wall–Did We Really Knock It Down?

A week ago or so, I was making noise about hammering down a major brick wall in my research. I was getting ready to do the Genealogical Happy Dance. I have made a major advance in my research into the Gines family as a result of the research I’ve been describing here over the last several weeks. I’m thrilled about …Continue reading →


Getting Caught Up

Getting Caught Up I’m a couple of posts behind on the wrap up of my research on my brick wall. That’s because I got a little more obsessive than usual about this research; checking it over and over again to see if the conclusions I’ve come to are supportable. I have cast them as hypotheses rather than conclusions. I expect …Continue reading →


An Easy GeneaBlogie “Contest”

Since this is really just a one-time experiment, I’ll make it simple! First, what do the two individuals described below have in common? Notice in Newspaper: Yesterday’s Burial Permits William Lyons, 21 years, City Hospital, gunshot wound Death Certificate: Now go to this post at The Peripatetic GraveYard Rabbit for a second (easy) question! The first person  to post the …Continue reading →

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