Getting Caught Up

Getting Caught Up

I’m a couple of posts behind on the wrap up of my research on my brick wall. That’s because I got a little more obsessive than usual about this research; checking it over and over again to see if the conclusions I’ve come to are supportable. I have cast them as hypotheses rather than conclusions. I expect in the next two to three days, I’ll finalize the two or three posts that contain these new hypotheses.

Spent Saturday afternoon at the California Genealogical Society and Library in Oakland. The topic of Saturday’s meeting was DNA presented by the duo of Morse & Morse–that is, Steve Morse and his daughter Megan. It was as one might expect an interesting and entertaining presentation. Steve spoke on basic DNA principles for genealogy and other things and his daughter followed up with a supplement on animal DNA. She brought a live opossum to illustrate her presentation! Both parts very informative!

Steve Danko and Kathryn Doyle were both at the presentation and a picture of the three of us appears on Steve’s blog.

I also must confess to being behind in reading the blogs that I usually read. I’ll be getting caught up on that over the next couple of days as well. I know that I have a several things that I need to acknowledge from other people and I’ll do that also.

The Southern California Genealogical Society‘s 2009 Jamboree is just days away at this point. It starts on June 26th in Burbank and runs through the 28th. If you haven’t registered or need information about the Jamboree, visit the SCGS Jamboree Blog. A special highlight of the Jamboree this year will be the second blogger summit with yours truly among the panelists. Something that I’m also looking forward to is the bloggers face-to-face get-together organized by Thomas MacEntee. That will be on Saturday, June 28th, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the west foyer of the Marriott Convention Center. Should be a lot of fun–hope to see you there!

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As I was trying to knock down the brick wall of Richard Gines, which I promise to write about in the next couple of days, I came across some research I done on another brick wall, that of Sarah Gilbert. I also spoke with the spouse of a cousin of mine in Kansas City who is also trying to knock down the Sarah Gilbert brick wall. I have a reformulated hypothesis about this problem, which I’ll also write about in the next week.


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