Jamboree: Coming This Weekend!


The 40th Annual Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree commences Friday, June 26, 2009 at the airport Marriott in Burbank.  This is the largest genealogical convention on the west coast.  And this year’s event will be great!  The are 55 speakers, nearly 100 lectures and lots of special events.   For example, on Friday, Tukufu Zuberi, Ph.D, of the acclaimed PBS series, The History Dectectives, will keynote the Friday dinner.  Maureen Taylor of The Photo Detective (seems like a lot of “detecting” going on here!) is offering a workshop on old photographs–AND–individual consultations for attendees on the photographs they bring with them!

Another special event is the second genea-blogger summit set for Saturday morning.  That panel discussion features moderator George G. Morgan of The Genealogy Guys podcast and a number of bloggers:

* Juliana Smith
* Leland Meitzler
*Dick Eastman

* Stephen Danko, Ph.D.
* Lisa Louise Cooke
* Schelly Talalay Dardasht
* The Ancestry Insider.

Isn’t that–wait a minute, we forgot one member of  the panel:

* Craig Manson !

I’m quite honored to have been include in this august group.

In connection with this event, the Genea-Bloggers group on Facebook is having an in-person hookup on Saturday evening.  Should be a great time!

You can join us here at GeneaBlogie for information on the Jamboree.  We’ll be live-blogging from early through late Sunday.  I’m more confident that it will succeed this year (last year was a live-blogging fiasco) because free Wi-Fi has been made available throughout the convention area in the hotel!

Additionally there may be special GeneaBlogie side trips and surprise hookups.  It’s just four days away!

Read the Jamboree blog.


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