Another Texas School Record–With an Ironic Twist

I posted this one at GenealogyWise:Carl-OtisP-school

This record is for my grand-uncles Carl Manson and Otis Preston Manson (who was known as Preston.) It’s signed by my great-grandfather, Otis Manson (1871-1950).  The historical ironies reflected here is that the school trustee who also signed the card, Daniel Henry Sanford, was the grandson of Reuben Sanford (1796-1846), whose family owned as a slave my gg-grandfather Billy Sanford (1809-1916). They “acquired” him in Virginia, took him to Tennessee when they moved there in 1819, and finally brought him to Texas when they moved again in 1854. Billy Sanford was the father of my great-grandmother, Otis’ wife Betty Sanford Manson (1872-1955).


3 Responses to “Another Texas School Record–With an Ironic Twist”

  • Susan Neese says:

    Craig! This is an incredible find, at so many levels! To even know the names of the “owners” of one’s slave ancestors is pretty amazing, as those records can be nearly impossible to find, making slave ancestors hard to identify in many families, like ours. Every little clue that brings us closer is like a miracle. To know about and to document their lives is not only a labor of love as far as our genealogical pursuits, but also an historical necessity. For many, the branch of the family tree that belongs to the “owners” is lost to us, even though their blood is mingled with our slave ancestors. I applaud your efforts and perseverance. You are a wonderful example for the rest of us in our quests.

  • What a great find Craig. I would love to obtain scholastic census records on my ancestors. Unfortunately, the particular Texas counties they resided in do not appear to have these schedules.

  • A. Spence says:

    What a small genealogy world. I know I always find those ironies in my research.

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