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I have several reasons to engage in research in France.  Of course, I’ve written a fair amount about “The French Negroes of Illinois.”  And one of the Louisiana lines I work on is the LEJAY (or LEGER/LEGIRE) family, who may be tied to descendants of French Huguenots who landed in South Carolina in the late 17th Century.  These folks in turn may be related to the LeJays of Sancerre, Cher, France.  Finally, there is some little evidence that my GINES line may be connected to a Frenchman, William Guines, who was born in France in about 1813.

In any event, I undertook to teach myself “genealogical French” in order to look at records in French, most especially the church records of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois.

Now I have come across just the right source for those with French genealogy to study.   Anne Morddel is an American living in Paris who publishes a blog called “The French Genealogy Blog.”   A native Californian, Anne has been doing genealogical research for thirty years.  Her blog is full of tips and resources for studying French lineages.

If you have reason to research French records, you’ll want to go visit Anne at The French Genealogical Blog. And note that one of her most recent posts is entitled “Learning Enough French for Genealogy.”

You can also find her here.


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  • Anne Morddel says:

    Thanks so much for the comments! I have been reading about your Prairie du Rocher ancestors. I have some who were just over the river in Ste. Genevieve !

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