Firefox 3.5.3 and Clash Delaying Work

Ever since I installed Firefox 3.5.3 a few days ago, I’ve had mysterious problems with  It loads very slowly and then doesn’t display any graphics.  So far, this issue has appeared only on  I tried my trusty old Netscape 7.2 browser and had the same problem.  Then I tried Internet Explorer 7, which for various reasons I generally loathe, and that was OK.  But now I’m a step behind in my work and having to use the horrible IE7.  Tried the FF support forum and knowledge base; no help yet.   Anybody  else had this problem? Click on image below. on Firefox 3.5.3 on Firefox 3.5.3


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5 Responses to “Firefox 3.5.3 and Clash Delaying Work”

  • Bob H says:

    Firefox 3.6.3 works fine for except when I go to look at records (census, marriage), then I cannot move around and read the records.

  • Michael Miller says:

    I am also using Firefox 3.5.3 (Windows XP) and for the past few days, many Ancestry pages cannot load. Clearing all ancestry cookies immediately solves the problem, but sometimes I get the dreaded “It appears that you are logged in on another computer…” message and must wait half an hour to log on again, only to have the cycle repeat after a short while. No problem using Ancestry in IE or Chrome. Disabling add-ons, firewall and antivirus do not seem to affect the situation, but clearing out the cookies does. Very frustrating.

  • GrannyPam says:

    I have had a page load that looks like your thumbnail (when using Ancestry and FireFox)a few times. I just punched the reload button and it resolved itself. I am now having no problems, using FF 3.5.30729. Can’t diagnose from here, but if the refresh idea doesn’t help, you might try disabling your addons one at a time to see if that helps. You could also try clearing your browser cache,OK, I know that is a dumb idea, but sometimes little things like that work.

  • Tamura Jones says:

    Genealoblogie, is badly constructed site, full of cross-site scripting, but it does work in Firefox 3.5.3.

    Your screenshot shows a page without style (View | Page Style | No Style). That happens sometimes, and is generally an intermittent problem with the site; just try again (F5) and it may work.

    The screenshot also shows that you are using various toolbars and plug-ins, but are not using IE Tab. You want IE Tab to display IE sites in Firefox, so you don’t have to switch to IE.

    Perhaps some add-on is ill-behaved. Try disabling all and see whether the problem persist.
    But before you do that, go to Tool | Options | Advanced and choose the “Clear Now” button to clear the cache. The browser cache does get corrupted sometimes, and Firefox acts funny when that happens. Clearing its browser cache solves many a puzzling behaviour.

  • Carol says:

    Over the last 2 months, there have been a lot of problems with I chatted about it, in August and in September 2009 in my blog. Now, I still use IE 7, but an upgrade to IE 8 did not help my researching friend.

    Lucky for me, I have been on the road quite a bit, and not doing a lot of research. I don’t do frustration well.

    Cannot help you one bit with Firefox. When I tried it out a few years ago on my Win XP computer it basically crashed me, I took Firefox off, and never took another try at it. Once burned and all that rot.

    Wish you all the best in dealing with this, has not been very responsive with graphics problems this past summer.

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