Thank You to . . .

. . . Randy Seaver of Gena-Musings and Katie O’Hara of You Are Where You Came From, both of whom presented me with the Kreativ Blogger award in the past week!


The rules are that a recipient must reveal seven thing about oneself and then pass the ward on to seven other deserving bloggers.   So seven things about me that you don’t know:

1. I was  a registered lobbyist in New Mexico at age 14–advocating for the 18 year old voting law.

2. My favorite film is Fargo.

3. In my working life of 35 years or so, I’ve had more women bosses than male ones.

4. I was born in a hospital equidistant between the Missouri state Capitol and the Missouri State Penitiary [so I'm told--I don't remember!]

5.  I have flown a jet plane around Pikes Peak.

6.  I have two dogs [which surprises even me! Never in my wildest dreams. . . . I was always a cat person].

7.  I have two cats!

So there you go!  Now to pass the award on:  my philosophy about this is not to duplicate awards if possible, and to use the awards as a way to spotlight interesting writers.  This is harder than you might think, because there are so many good ones out there.   With that in mind, I give the Kreativ Blogger award to:

1.   The Missouri State Genealogical Association Messenger, eidted by Tom Pearson.

2. Be Not Forgot published by Vicki Everhardt

3. 100 Years in America by Lisa

4. Granny’s Genealogy written by Pam Warren

5.  Elyse ‘s Genealogy Blog by Elyse Doerflinger

6. The Itawamba History Review: The Itawamba Historical Society, edited by Bob Franks

7. Before My Time, by TK Sand


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