December, 2009

The Debate About Certification, etc.: The Courtroom Argument Concludes

Second of a multi-part series The story so far: a probate case is being tried to the court.  The plaintiff, Mr. Cousins, is represented by the firm of Gried Avarice Mammon & Lust LLP. His attorney, Patricia Lust, must show client’s relationship to the decedent in order to prevail in the case.  She has called as a witness one Jeanne …Continue reading →


Classic Christmas Correspondence: Yes, Virginia . . .

One of the iconic bits of twentieth century lore consists of a letter to the editor of a newspaper from a eight year old girl and the editor’s response.  The letter written by Virginia O’Hanlon, daughter of   a New City physician, was addressed to the editor  of the New York Sun, a major New York broadsheet which published from 1833 …Continue reading →


The Discussion About Standards, Certification, Maturity, etc.

The  first post on this series attracted a lot of notice.  The series will continue after Christmas, as the judge prepares to decide whether to accept Jeanne Runner as an “expert” witness concerning genealogy.  We’ll discuss the implications of the judge’s decision for those of us in the field of genealogy.


The Discussion about Standards, Certification, Maturity, etc.: Useful or Divisive? Elitist Envy or Intellectual Inevitability?

Part I of Several Parts When  I say in in my profile on this page, that I “literally have a checkered past,”  that refers to both my ancestral background (as it would to most people) and to the fact that for complicated reasons, I have been in several different professions in my working lifetime.  I have been, among other things, …Continue reading →


Upcoming . . . .

No blogging today or tomorrow . . . minor outpatient surgery. On the weekend, we join the discussion of standards, certification, and maturity

OFF Opens Their WWII Collection Free To The Public During December

I’ve been a fan of since they opened.  I was very pleased to learn about their “interactive USS Arizona Memorial.” And that along with the rest of their World War II collection will be free for the rest of the month of December. Here’s the press release: Lindon, UT – December 7, 2009 – In honor of Pearl Harbor …Continue reading →


Shades of the Departed Magazine Earns Kudos

Tamura Jones has given the Best Looking Magazine award to Shades of the Departed Magazine!  It’s part of his 2009 GeneaBlog Awards over at Modern Software Experience. He says the November debut issue “looks better than any other genealogy related magazine I’ve seen.” I’m privilieged to be part of  footnoteMaven’s band of merry contributors at Shades the Magazine–and even so, …Continue reading →


Happy Birthday to the World’s Smartest Sister!

Two years ago, when my little sister had her (ahem!) most significant birthday yet,  I wrote about her, in what I think was one of my best posts ever.  Now, two years later, as we slip into that time of life where we spend a great deal of time caring for our parents as they once cared for us, I’ve …Continue reading →

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