January, 2010

The Book I’ve Been Waiting For

It was raining as it had almost everyday about the time the mail came.  There was the usual detritus of our not-yet-paperless society and a package that looked like it had been around the world a couple of times. “Hmm,” I thought, “this may be the book I’ve been waiting for.”  And indeed it was.  Seems I had given the …Continue reading →


Where I’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

I have been somewhat silent on the blog because of ongoing personal and family health issues.  But I’m still here and we’ve got things coming up. First, let me tell you that I will be having surgery to correct a spinal problem on about February 25.  There likely will not be much new content the week after that, but please …Continue reading →


Reprise: Finding Dr. King’s Roots in Slavery

“Finding  Dr. King’s Roots in Slavery” originally appeared at GeneaBlogie on Monday, January 15, 2007. As is the case for many African-Americans, the ancestors of Martin Luther King, Jr., apparently included a slaveowner. We know that Martin Luther King, Jr., was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. The 1930 census of Fulton County, as mentioned here previously, enumerates …Continue reading →


Reprise: The Genealogy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The Genealogy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” originally appeared at GeneaBlogie on Saturday, January 13, 2007. [Updated  1/18/2010] One would think in the Cyber Age, it would be easy to find a rather complete genealogical study of an historic figure like Martin Luther King, Jr. Turns out, that’s not the case. There are sources that identify Dr. King’s parents …Continue reading →


Reprise: The Dream

[updated 1/18/2010, 11:15 am PDT] “The Dream” Originally appeared at GeneaBlogie on Saturday, January 13, 2007. I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood . . . . That’s a powerful …Continue reading →


The Changed Face(s) of Ancestry.com

It’s Not 2007’s Ancestry! Remember this unfortunate matter? Believe it or not it’s been less than 2 1/2 years since Ancestry.com found itself overwhelmed in tsunami of controversy that it never anticipated.  The legal aspect of the dispute, about which I wrote a lot, really was not as important as the public relations aspect of it, the trust aspect of …Continue reading →


The New Decade Arrives

So it seems it was just October and here it is January 2010!   Last year I didn’t really set particular goals for genealogy in 2009, yet I came up with a major breakthrough–finding the parents of  my great-grandfather, Richard William Gines (a meeting some cousins on that journey).  So what will happeb in 2010?  I’ve got no idea, but bring …Continue reading →

January 2010
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