Where I’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

I have been somewhat silent on the blog because of ongoing personal and family health issues.  But I’m still here and we’ve got things coming up.

First, let me tell you that I will be having surgery to correct a spinal problem on about February 25.  There likely will not be much new content the week after that, but please stop by anyway, because we likely will run one or more of our “Golden Oldies” that you may have not seen.

When we’re back completely, which will only be a matter of days after that last week in February, you’ll notice some “home improvements” around here.

Then, if you’re in the area, my presentations at the California Genealogical Society & Library are the week before my surgery–Saturday, February 20.  The CGSL is located at 2201 Broadway, Suite L-2, in Oakland.  Please see the CGSL website for more details.

I’ll also be at the Sacramento Regional Family History Center on March 13 for the Fifth Annual African American  Family History Seminar.  The Family History Center is at 2745 Eastern Avenue in Arden-Arcade.

Coming up, we’ll be reviewing a new book, and we’ve got interesting Black History month items as well.  Finally, expect tow of our favorite lawyers, Pat Lust and Noe Udont to make another appearance soon.


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4 Responses to “Where I’ve Been and Where We’re Headed”

  • Lisa says:

    My prayers are with you for a smooth ride back to full health, Craig.

    100 Years in America

  • Apple says:

    I’m sorry you have to wait so long for your surgery. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are soon pain free!

  • Susan Neese says:

    I’ll be thinking of you as you recover from your surgery. Take good care of yourself and get back to us soon! And I wish I had known just a week earlier about the California Genealogical Society meeting in Oakland! I committed to a scrapbooking day on the 20th! Well, there will be other times, I’m sure. Craig, take care of yourself and know that many prayers and well-wishes go out to you daily. Love to Penny, too.

  • Bill West says:

    I’ll keep a good thought, Craig!

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