Family Tree Magazine Names Top 40 Genealogy Blogs

It was an honor just to have been nominated! Really.

Family Tree Magazine has announced its list of Top 40 genealogy blogs.  And a well-deserving lot they are!  Most have been in my reader for a long time.  But one thing striking about the list is that there are a number o f relatively new bloggers on it.  This is a good  and positive sign for the genealogy community as a whole.  Congratulations to all who  were named!

While GeneaBlogie didn’t make the cut, I was pleased that Shades of the Departed did make the list.  I have been a Weekend Shades contributor as well as a columnist for the monthly Shades magazine.  Congratulations to Shades’ Maven-in-chief and all my colleagues at Shades!

Here’s the whole list.  I heartily endorse them all.  See MaureenTaylor’s piece about the list.




Genetic Genealogy



Local & Regional

News & Resources

Photos & Heirlooms

Personal & Family


10 Responses to “Family Tree Magazine Names Top 40 Genealogy Blogs”

  • Thanks for putting this together for us. For me, this is a huge reference point as both of the families I am researching came through and lived only in NY and I had not come across some of these sites. You’ve cut a tremendous amount of time off my research, so again, thank you.

  • […] like to read everyday.  Finding genealogy blogs and lists of genealogy blogs (including the top 40 for 2009 from Family History Magazine or the 25 Most Popular from ProGenealogists) was way more easy than […]

  • I also gave many votes to you, Craig. Your writing is always a cut above, and you give so much to the genealogy community.

    Get better soon – I hope to see you in June at the Jamboree.


  • There would be no “Shades” without you. You contribute so much in the way of humor, legal expertise, fine writing (not to mention fantastic citations), and friendship. I can not thank you enough.

    You are the top of all my lists.

    Take care of yourself. Rest and recuperate!


  • Julie says:

    I was quite shocked that you did not grace the lost of 40, Craig. You’re still on my Top 40 list :)

  • Greta Koehl says:

    D—! I voted for you, too. When I read your blog I always think, “I want to write the way he does!” Plus your erudition knocks my socks off. No one can dismiss genealogists and GeneaBloggers as long as people like you are a member of the community.

  • George Geder says:

    That’s the tragedy of lists.
    Someone great and deserving gets omitted.

    Craig, your spirit is very much a part of the list.
    I’m a big fan of Geneablogie!

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  • Apple says:

    I can’t believe Geneablogie is not on the list. You have always been one of my favorite bloggers!

  • Sheri Fenley says:

    Thank you Craig for the lovely comment. I gotta tell you though, it should have been you. You are one of the few who sets the bar for the rest of us. You are always on my Top 10 List!

  • Donna says:

    I cast many a vote for you, Craig. Your writing is a cut above most. Not only do I admire how you write, but I hope I can become as good as you by reading and learning from you!

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