A Visitor Arrives, Bringing a Little Sunshine to Northern California

The first word came several days ago via email, sort of like the way I used to receive alerts in the Air Force about the imminent arrival of a Distinguished Visitor (a general officer, a high-ranking civilian appointee, a Member of C0ngress). The subject line needed no decoding: Becky’s coming for a visit!

“Becky,” of course, is Indiana family historian and intrepid traveler Rebecca Wiseman, who authors the Kinexxions blog.  She’s been on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling the United States, seeing family and old friends, hooking up with her genea-blogger colleagues, meeting and making new friends.

Today she was in Northern California and she and Sheri Fenley (The Educated Genealogist) joined me for lunch in Sacramento.  Previously on her California trip, she had met Kathryn Doyle and Steven Danko.

Yesterday and most of last week had been cold and dreary in the Sacramento region.  Becky’s arrival was heralded by warmer temperatures and an actual bit of sunshine.

There is a kind of unreality to meeting  in reality someone you know from cyberspace.  But Becky is as sincere, genuine, and down to earth as an person could be.  We talked about her travels (Q: “How long will you be traveling?”  A: “Till I’m done!”), and of course, blogging and genealogy.   And if some  of our fellow writers had burning ears, that was our doing, too.

Everyone needs to meet Sheri Fenley.  “What You See is What You Get” is an apt phrase to describe this fun  and funny lady who lacks every pretension.

Becky described for us her visit to Allensworth, the historical site of the first African-American town.   She told us about going to the town in central California where James Dean died in a car wreck in 1955. And she waxed about the night sky at Big Bend National Park in Texas (“If you think you’ve seen stars [in the California desert], you ain’t seen nothing yet!”).

Despite the apparent grimaces on my face in the photos we took after lunch (OMG! Maybe I looked that way because I’d spent the morning at the dentist!), I had a great time.  And I’m looking forward to reading more about Becky’s travels and seeing some more of her great photography.

Craig & Becky


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