Genealogical Customer Service Kudos

  • I had to order a copy of a Missouri birth certificate on short notice recently.  I ordered it through VitalChek.   Now the trick is not  to order birth certificates from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in Jefferson City, which is the main repository.  Instead, order them from Kansas City or St Louis, which both have statewide records.  I picked Kansas City.  I was told that processing time at the agency would be 3-5 business days before shipping.   In this case, I also opted for UPS air delivery.  I placed the order on Tuesday, April 20, and had the birth certificate in my hands before 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 22.   Now that’s service!
  • I found a federal criminal case from the late 1930s in Arizona.  I consulted Ron Arons’ recent book, Wanted!, which disclosed that the case file should be found at NARA’s Pacific Region at Laguna Nigel (now actually Riverside).  I called NARA  and chatted with some of the most pleasant people I’ve run across.  They found the file, took my credit card number ($15.00 to copy and ship this file) and I had it in a matter of days! No muss, no fuss.   Thanks to the archivists and support staff at NARA Pacific!

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  • GrannyPam says:

    How nice to hear about good customer service. It cheered me up after my horrible customer non-service incident (unrelated to genealogy) yesterday.

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